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Sam Ruby
Full name Samuel H. Ruby
Notability Adventure author
Location California

Sam Ruby is the author of 18 Eamon adventures, including several set in Middle-earth and three produced for Apple II software magazine Softdisk.


Number Title Released
108 The Mines of Moria August 1985
109 The Forest of Fear August 1985
115 The Ring of Doom June 1986
116 The Iron Prison June 1986
122 The Valley of Death January 1987
127 The Hunt for the Ring January 1987
128 Quest of Erebor January 1987
129 Return to Moria January 1987
130 Haradwaith January 1987
149 Elemental Apocalypse October 1987
161 Operation Endgame September 1988
165 Animal Farm December 1988
166 Storm Breaker March 1989
183 The Boy and the Bard September 1989
204 Sanctuary September 1990
256 Redemption May 1993
257 Banana Republic mid/late 1994
258 The Curse of Talon mid-1995

In adventures

Author Nathan Segerlind included Sam Ruby in his Tolkien-themed 1988 story The Bridge of Catzad-Dum. Ruby appears on a spiral stairway and is described as "examining the place carefully, muttering something to himself about, 'There has to be at least 2 more adventures in it!'"

Ruby also makes a guest appearance in Robert Parker's Encounter: The Bookworm, dressed in white slacks, leather loafers, and a San Francisco 49er's t-shirt, and holding a stack of papers and a slide rule.

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