William Trent

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William Trent
Full name William Harold Trent
Notability Adventure author
Location California
Occupation Dentist
Born 29 July 1920
Died 21 October 2017

William "Bill" Trent (29 July 1920 – 21 October 2017), normally credited as Dr. William H. Trent and sometimes as DOkTOR "T", was the author of the Eamon adventure A Trip to Fort Scott, and the coauthor with his grandson Matthew Grayson of Tomb of the Vampire. He also developed a ProDOS version of the standard Eamon master diskette and created text-based maps of at least 16 adventures.

A native of Fort Scott in Kansas, Trent worked for the Santa Fe Railroad and served as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the US Navy during World War II; he later worked for many years as a DDS at a dental practice in Van Nuys, California. His burial was at Fort Scott National Cemetery. Trent was an avid and award-winning photographer active in local photo clubs and competitions.


In the late 1980s Trent created a collection of text-based maps for at least 16 Eamon adventures, showing layout and room connections, and sometimes rooms names, artifacts, monsters, or other important features. The collection of maps, compressed into a ShrinkIt file, was posted to macgui.com in 1990 by Tom Zuchowski.

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