Matt Findley

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Matt Findley
Findley building an Eamon adventure in the 1980s
Full name Matt Findley
Notability Adventure author
Occupation Videogame designer

Matt Findley is the author of the unreleased Eamon adventure Kraken Slayer, which he described in a 2021 post on Twitter and in correspondence with Huw Williams. Findley writes, "I called the adventure Kraken Slayer, because I'd seen Clash of the Titans and Dragonslayer as a double feature at a drive in."

Findley is a professional videogame designer who works for Bungie. He writes, "I tell anyone who asks that finding Eamon is the reason I'm a game designer." He notes on Twitter that the game was in a box of disks that he got from his grandfather who was a teacher, and who had acquired them from the Montana school system in the early 1980s.

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