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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
Eamon adventure #47
Author Roger Pender
Created 6 November 1983
Released March 1984
Revised 14 November 1993 (DOS)
1 December 1992 (ProDOS)
EAG number 47
EDX number 10-02
EDX set The Roger Pender Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 47 - FutureQuest.dsk
Eamon 47 - FutureQuest (ProDOS).dsk

FutureQuest is an Eamon adventure written by Roger Pender.


From the introduction:

While out riding in the countryside your horse suddenly becomes unmanageable. You look up and see a large metallic object hovering above you. A beam of multi-colored light surrounds you and you experience a stabbing pain at the base of your skull accompanied by a loss of consciousness.

Greetings. This is the Environmental Control Computer aboard the Terran Federation ship Cassiopeia. You are in a cryogenic sleep pod on board the ship. The date is 4099 AD. In 3346 AD the K'lor Zanth Empire made contact with our colonies in the Aldebaran system in the constellation Taurus. Their warriors, called the Krell, immediately attacked and overran our outer colonies. They are a fierce, war-like race. The Procyon Brigade of the Imperial Commandos exterminated every man, woman, and child. They called it "pacification".

By 3702 AD the Krell had overrun our inner colonies in the Andromeda and Draconis systems. We mustered our remaining forces for the final conflict. In 3891 AD they destroyed our home fleet near Uranus and we were forced to surrender or see Earth destroyed. Then Elrith Trai, the Time Master, formed a resistance movement with its headquarters near the end of the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Since then, the rebels have probed for weak spots in the Empire and journeyed back in time to find great warriors to aid in the fight. The time for open rebellion is now ripe. You have been awarded the honor of assassinating the Emperor. If you are successful the Empire will be in chaos and Earth can break free.

Your crude armor has been replaced with the latest, light-weight ceram-plast body armor. Your helmet contains IR and UV sensors, scanners, ID beacon, radio, computer, and radar. All the systems are activated by you using mind-link through the helmet computer, an Apple CLVII-R with a 650002P chip. It will interface you to the modern devices you will encounter. In periods of reduced visibility your sensors may be helpful. The imperial palace is on the planet Krytron, in the Betelgeuse system.

You are now in orbit around the planet Xylanth, in the Rigel system. Therefore you must steal a ship or teleport there. You must also learn some new terminology.

Old command   New command
Look Scan
Examine Sensors
Heal Repair
Smile ID
Wave Signal
Say Transmit
Use Activate

Devices are enabled by the command "activate". Ex: ACTIVATE COMPUTER

A locked device is enabled by the command "transmit" followed by a hex or binary code. Ex: TRANSMIT 01011

You ancient humans are good fighters, but not very intelligent.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black


  • Pender dedicates the adventure to "Charlotte" in the Main Program's introductory remarks.

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