Vaalpa's Plight

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Vaalpa's Plight
Eamon adventure #235
Author Henry Haskell
Released December 1995
Revised 11 September 1995
EAG number 235
EDX number 16-20
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 235 - Vaalpa's Plight.dsk

Vaalpa's Plight is an Eamon adventure written by Henry Haskell and released in December 1995. It's one of only two Haskell authored, the other being Lotto's Masterpiece (1990).


The northern town of Vaalpa has fallen under the control of a mad dictator named Baranov who refuses to repay a sizable debt to banker Shylock McFenney and is now using the town's militia to raid the surrounding lands. Vaalpa's citizens have organized a resistance movement to oppose Baranov and his forces, but they've been unable to unseat the dictator so McFenney has enlisted you to slip into the palace and capture or kill Baranov. The resistance tells you how to enter the palace and has secreted a few stashes of equipment that will help you in your quest.

Full introduction

When you step outside the Main Hall to head for adventure, Shylock the banker stops you."


He quickly explains that one of his debtors has become a great problem. His problem seems to be this: Pyotr Baranov, the dictatorial leader of a small town in the North named Vaalpa, has gone insane, and refuses to repay Shylock a very large sum of money he borrowed a few years ago. Furthermore he has declared himself Emperor of Vaalpa, and proceeded to tax the imperial subjects into the ground to pay for his huge palace and military, which he is using to raid the surrounding lands.

The citizens have organized an underground resistance, which has failed despite aid from both Shylock and nearby lords. Baranov's soldiers have become quite expert at recognizing members of the resistance. Therefore, all parties involved have need of an outsider, who can slip into town unnoticed, and kill Baranov.

Says Shylock, "The pay is a generous three thousand gold, plus the personal treasure of any courtier you kill, including the emperor himself. The Palace is thought to be filled with gold. This is all I can tell you until you accept, so I must ask you: Will you slip into the imperial palace, and kill Baranov?"


Shylock grins. He says, "Come. I will show you my friends." He leads you to a sturdy coach, which takes you down a long road. You travel for the remainder of the day, and as the sun sets, Shylock pulls into a country tavern, the friendly sort of place one only finds in the countryside in the North. The inn-keeper has lit a huge fire in the fireplace, even though it's yet September. Shylock shows you to his table. You glance around and see that the locals are all drinking mead except for a fat peasant by the door, and some sort of artisan, who has bought himself and his wife a white wine. When the wench finally comes, she bumps you wit her rounded shoulder, and cheerily asks, "Wot'll yew be havin', sir?"

She brings you your drink.

You take a full drink. Shylock says, "Now I must go." He leaves, with two large men through the back door. You sit and drink.

Three swarthy men sit down at your table. One introduces himself as Mark. The other two sit silently as he begins to explain his presence. "I am the leader," he quietly states, "of the underground. You must depend on us to get your supplies into Vaalpa. We will not please you, no doubt; but we simply cannot allow you to carry weapons into the city, nor your armor. The guards would certainly kill you. Nor can we ourselves smuggle any weapons nor armor in. The guards are thorough, and the city is walled. But we can arm you. We have access to a simple smithy in a concealed locale. We have fashioned a simple shield for you, and leather armor. We have also made you a bow, and a spear, and providing a cudgel was easy enough. But they are all you have to do your job. They will await you under the bed in Room Four of the local tavern, in a backpack. Here is the key to that room. To get in the castle, use the "secret" lower exit, west of the gates. We don't have a key, though, and it's locked; but we think it is unguarded. So there it is. By the way, if you could capture the emperor, please do. We're sure his secret net worth is great."


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The adventure takes place in Vaalpa which Haskell describes in the introduction as "a small town in the North". A description in the adventure's first room seems to contradict this, saying that the Main Hall is north of Vaalpa, but this may simply mean that the path which ultimately leads south to the Main Hall begins by exiting north from town.


  • Pyotr Baranov was the name of an early 20th century Soviet military commander.

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