The Black Phoenix

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This is a Class B (silver star) article.
The Black Phoenix
Eamon adventure #169
Author Roger Pender
Released June 1989
Revised 21 December 1989 (DOS)
15 November 1991 (ProDOS)
EAG number 169
EDX number 10-07
EDX set The Roger Pender Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 169 - The Black Phoenix.dsk
Eamon 169 - The Black Phoenix (ProDOS).dsk

The Black Phoenix is an Eamon adventure written by Roger Pender.


It's the year 5688 and two interstellar empires — the Star League and the Procyon Confederation — are locked in a centuries-long battle for supremacy that's now playing out on the planet Apollonia. You're an ex-military engineer working on the Star League world of Varcar when you get the message that your military commission has been reinstated and you're needed to aid your side in the battle. After intensive training you join the elite Black Phoenix mercenary unit and now being dropped into a firebase on Apollonia to meet Colonel Tanz who'll give you your mission objectives.

Full introduction

The colonization of the stars, which started in 2166, took a quantum leap with the invention of the Jensen warp drive in 2319. By 2608 the Terran Federation, with Earth as its Capital, ruled all the star systems. In 3175 a coup by the Colonial Marines established a dictatorship controlled by its commandant, Gen. Erik Kurtz. He was succeeded by his son, who proclaimed the First Galactic Empire and reigned as Karil I.

In 4001 a rebellion led by Mel Sanchez of the Sirius System defeated the Empire, freeing all the star systems. Unfortunately, the habitable planets in the Luyten, Xanadon, and Argo systems were reduced to sterile, radioactive hulks.

The Galaxy lived in peace for over a millennium; but in 4370 an expansionist movement started in the Procyon System. By 5002 the Procyon Confederation included the Procyon, Cygni, Lalande 21185, Sirius, Epsilon Eridani, and Tau Ceti star systems.

At the other end of the Galaxy, the Star League was being formed by the Varcar, Groomerbridge 168, Barnard's Star, Shivanda, Kruger 60, and Alpha Centauri systems.

Between these two empires was the Neutral Zone, which included Sol, Epsilon Indi, Larsen-C, Lacaille 9352, and the dead systems of Luyten and Xanadon.

In 5390, the Confederation entered the Neutral Zone, attacking Sol. After a long, bitter fight, Earth lay devastated and barren. Only a few survivors managed to flee to some of the Star League Systems for refuge.

It is now 5688, and the Star League and Procyon Confederation are in the Neutral Zone, locked in mortal combat on the planet Apollonia in the Epsilon Indi star system.

You are a design engineer for Data-Comm-Corp on Callisto in the Varcar System. While on a night stroll, your wrist chrono/comm begins beeping. You head for the nearest comm cubicle, slip your ID into the slot, and align your eye with the scanner plate. There is a brief pause as the main computer verifies your retinal pattern and transfers 10 Credits to the coffers of Uni-Comm-Co. The following message appears on the screen:

Greetings [adventurer name],

By order of the supreme council of the Star League, the 101st Special Forces Team, 21st Special Forces Group, is being reactivated. Your commission as Lieutenant is hereby re-instated. You are to report ASAP to 3rd Spec Forces TNG RGT at Fort Lyndon B. Johnson on Pralax in the Shivanda sector.

B.T. Bragg, Maj. Gen.
Alpha Centauri

After six months of intensive training, the 101st is brought up to full strength. On graduation night you are approached by a large man in black body armor which bears the insignia of a black phoenix on a red disc.

He smiles and says, "The Legion is looking for a few good warriors." He is a member of the Black Phoenix, A.K.A. The Black Legion. One of the few military units to survive the destruction of Earth, and now employed as a mercenary unit by the Star League. You shrug and say, "Why not?"

Two months later you are orbiting Apollonia in the troop carrier Sulu Sea, being briefed before your drop. A short major is saying, "You will be dropped on LZ Charlie at Firebase KT-13. You will go to the CP bunker on Firebase Kilo Tango 13 and report to the Legion Commandant, Col. Tanz. He will give you your assignment. By the way, regulation arms and body armor are not allowed. Be sure to salute when you report. Col. Tanz is a stickler for discipline."

As you step into the drop capsule the technician gives you a thumbs-up sign. You are on your way to Hell with the Black Legion.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.


The world of Apollonia orbits Epsilon Indi, a star roughly 12 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Indus.

Most of the other systems Pender mentions in the introduction are also real stars, including Procyon, Lalande 21185, Sirius, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti, Barnard's Star, Kruger 60, Lacaille 9352, Luyten, and Alpha Centauri. A few like Varcar, Shivanda, and Xanadon have no obvious real-world equivalents.


  • Placenames on Apollonia are based on the names of various science fiction authors, including Robert Heinlein (Heinleinville) and Isaac Asimov (Asimovburg).


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