The Sands of Mars

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The Sands of Mars
Eamon adventure #163
The Sands of Mars intro.png
Author Ted Swartz
Released December 1988
Revised (DOS)
EAG number 163
EDX number 16-07
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

The Sands of Mars is an Eamon adventure written by Ted Swartz.


Tom Zuchowski gave The Sands of Mars a generally positive review, largely on the strength of the adventure's "100% unique" real-time combat system, a feature he enjoyed. Zuchowski described the adventure's puzzles as both difficult and not very sophisticated, but said that thoroughness and perseverance should be enough for players to find all the necessary pieces to complete it. He awarded Swartz's adventure an overall score of 8/10, with a 4 for difficulty.

Webmaster Fredrik Ekman in a 1996 post on Usenet called the adventure "absolutely horrible" and objected to its real-time element, saying that it gives an unfair advantage to fast typists.

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