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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
Eamon adventure #46
Lifequest intro.png
Author David Crawford
Released March 1984
Revised 15 May 1985
EAG number 46
EDX number 19-03
EDX set Worst of the Classic Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Lifequest is an Eamon adventure written by David Crawford.


From the introduction:

You are sitting at the bar when the local centurion, a likable fellow, comes up to you. He buys you and him a mead to go, and tells you that he has been ordered to take you to the lord of the shire that the Main Hall is in.

As you and the centurion head over to the corral to get your horses, he gives you a useful briefing on the current situation, and why you are needed by the lord of the shire.

It seems that you are the most qualified adventurer in the Guild now, as others who have taken on this quest were too greedy, or disreputable to take on this quest. Those before you were either unsuccessful, or...

Well, you can draw your own conclusions on what became of them.

What started the quest off was the lord's middle daughter (better known as "the Fox" around the Main Hall). It seems that she has come down with a possibly deadly, and rare, fever. The local medics have tried all their potions and cures, but to no avail. There is one known cure, the leaves of a certain tree in the fabled Paradise, whose medicinal properties are legend.

Where you come in, is that the Lord of the Shire needs someone to get said leaves, and since you are now the best adventurer in the Guild, the duty of the quest befalls you.

The centurion briefs you further as it's a long ride to the castle...

To get to Paradise, one must venture into the World of Light and Darkness; the entrance is at the edge of the shire. Recon patrols that made it back have given conflicting reports that sound like the ancient writings. Your best bet is to follow the way of light, and your best ally is your basic judgement.

When you reach the castle, you are taken before the Lord of the Shire for another briefing...

The lord explains the situation, then mentions what awaits you if you succeed in your quest: his middle daughter's hand in marriage, 3000 hectares of land with a castle, 500,000 sheckels of gold, and be exempt from shire taxes for 7 lifetimes. He then leads you to his daughter's chamber, and her reputation of beauty was a real understatement.

You are led back to your horse, given some provisions and a map, and sent on your way.

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