The Manxome Foe

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The Manxome Foe
Eamon adventure #57
The Manxome Foe intro.png
Author Ray Olszewski
Released May 1984
EAG number 57
EDX number 14-06
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 2
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

The Manxome Foe is an Eamon adventure written by Ray Olszewski.

This is a short, whimsical adventure based on the works of Lewis Carroll. The player encounters numerous fanciful creatures described using made-up words. The adventure begins with the player waking up in a mysterious parlor and soon after finding a powerful weapon, the Vorpal Sword. The rest of the map consists of a woods filled with Carroll's fictional creatures. The objective is to find and defeat the Jabberwock and escape back to the Main Hall.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black

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