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An adventure number is a unique serial number used to identify an adventure. The practice of numbering Eamon adventures began in the early 1980s and was continued by the National Eamon Users Club and the Eamon Adventurer's Guild; the EAG now recognizes 255 sequentially-numbered Eamon adventures, with a smaller set of adventures either unnumbered or numbered in different ways.

The Adventures Portal lists all adventure numbers and titles.


Main series

The main series of Eamon adventure numbers runs from 1 (The Beginners Cave) to 255 (Tenement of the Damned). While the numbers reflect the order in which adventures were formally added to the list, they do not necessarily indicate the order in which the adventures were created; in some cases an adventure with a higher number may have been written prior to some of its predecessors.

A single adventure that spans multiple diskettes normally has a single number. One exception is the The Search for the Key (#80) and The Rescue Mission (#81), which though numbered as separate adventures form two parts of a single story. Tom Zuchowski in the June 1989 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter notes that the two likely should have been listed as a single two-disk adventure, but since they had already been listed separately it was "too late to change it." The two are sometimes numbered as #80a and #80b.


Some publicly-available Eamon adventures are either unnumbered or numbered in ways different from the main series.

Eamon Deluxe

Eamon Deluxe groups adventures together into numbered sets. The system's 25 current sets contain nearly all the known and publicly-available Eamon adventures, as well as some created for variants or other related systems. Some sets group together the adventures of a single notable author (e.g., 02, The Donald Brown Adventures); others group adventures by theme or style (e.g., 19, Worst of the Classic Adventures), or into general collections (e.g., 16, Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4). A few sets contain only a single adventure (e.g., 22, A Runcible Cargo).

Each adventure in Eamon Deluxe has a number that consists of the two-digit set plus the two-digit adventure, connected by a hyphen. For instance, The Waiting Room is the fifth adventure in the seventh set (The Frank Black Adventures Deluxe) and is identified as EDX07-05.

In this wiki

This wiki identifies adventures using the same sequential numbers as assigned by the EAG. In the comparatively few cases where publicly-available Eamon adventures are not numbered as part of the main series by the EAG (Redemption, The Ice Cave, Leadlight, etc.), this wiki extends the sequence and assigns them main series numbers. The wiki follows this practice in order to more easily present all Eamon adventures together as a single set, and as an aid to navigation.

Please note that this extension to the official numbering sequence is strictly an internal convention within this wiki, and is not authorized by any outside parties. EAG-assigned identifiers should be recognized as the official numbers.

This wiki provides a template for easily converting any adventure number into its corresponding title — see Template:Title for details.

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