Search for Mack

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Search for Mack
Eamon adventure #236
Search for Mack intro.png
Author Clayton Roth
Released December 1995
Revised 23 September 1995
EAG number 236
EDX number 18-01
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Search for Mack is an Eamon adventure written by Clayton Roth.


Tom Zuchowski, in his review of The Search for Mack, writes that Roth's original submission of the adventure to the Eamon Adventurer's Guild had a corrupted EAMON.DESC file (the file hosting descriptions for rooms, artifacts, and monsters, as well as special effects). After being informed of this, Roth rewrote the entire set of descriptions only to inadvertently delete the file after the work had been completed. Roth was reluctant to rewrite the descriptions a third time, leaving Zuchowski to fill in the details, properly making much of the text of the adventurer Zuchowski's own work.


The adventure begins with the player's vacation being interrupted by a messenger from a Princess Catherine, entreating him or her to search for Mack. The "Mack" after which the adventure is searching is a Himalayan tricolor cat named McKenzie who has been taken hostage by the forces of the rival nation Sicilia. The ransom's being double of the Princess's royal treasury, Catherine has selected the adventurer to infiltrate Castle Charlast, home of the king and queen of Sicilia, in an attempt to rescue the feline.

The adventurer is promised 5,000 gold pieces for the safe return of McKenzie. Though, as Zuchowski notes, the gold is never produced (some carnal knowledge of Princess Catherine is offered instead), the adventure is rare in providing detailed endings for both the case in which the player succeeds and that in which the adventurer fails.


The Search for Mack makes explicit mention of novel features of Eamon's geography. The narrative of the adventure begins with the player's being interrupted during his or her stay at an inn on a mountain peak in the Eamon Range by a messenger. The conceit of the adventure involves infiltrating the castle of King Charles and Queen Alexandra of the rival nation of Sicilia; it is indicated that this nation has its own language—Sicilian—and is much older than the nation of the player, referring to Eamon as the "New World." It is also suggested that Sicilia is an island nation. As the entirety of the adventure proper is set in Castle Charlast, one is unable to infer the locations of the Eamon Range and Sicilia.

The adventure also describes a feature of the Main Hall, noting the existence of a flea market, possibly found in the village.


  • Rather than selling the artifacts from the adventure to Sam Slicker as is customary, after the successful completion of The Search for Mack the adventurer goes to "Eamon's Flea Market" and sells his or her loot to Jacoby Jones, the flea market's owner.
  • The use of the Power spell in The Search for Mack yields the effects that either the adventurer's trousers drop, a rain cloud forms above the adventurer's head, or a random monster exploding—or the player's head, if no monsters are present—each with a 33% chance.

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