Temple of the Undead

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Temple of the Undead
Eamon adventure
Author Joel Cranston
Created c. 1985
Released February 1986
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Temple of the Undead is a lost Eamon adventure created by Joel Cranston around 1985. The adventure was made available through Washington Apple Pi, an Apple users group based in the Washington, D.C. area, and was first announced in the February 1986 issue of the Washington Apple Pi Journal. Jim Little in his "Disketeria Dispatch" column gave the following introduction:

Disk #223 is Temple of the Undead. Joel Cranston has created this new adventure for your enjoyment It's a take off of a Temple of Doom theme. A map of the area is a nice touch to begin the quest. Good hunting! Thanks to Joel.

The number 223 was the volume number in the WAP software catalog; its adventure number was listed as "unknown". By the early 1990s WAP had condensed their Eamon software into a set of double-sided disks, with Temple of the Undead and Quest for the Holy Grail paired on a single disk identified as EAMN-22.

No copies of Temple of the Undead are known to exist.


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