The Lost Isle

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Not to be confused with The Lost Island of Apple.
The Lost Isle
Eamon adventure #200
The Lost Isle intro.png
Author Robert Davis
Released June 1990
Revised 29 April 1990
EAG number 200
EDX number 16-15
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 4
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

The Lost Isle is an Eamon adventure written by Robert Davis.


The Lost Isle and Quest of the Crystal Wand are the two Eamon adventures written by Robert Davis (not to be confused with Bob Davis). Although written by Davis, the main program indicates that The Lost Isle was "converted to Dos 3.3" by David Cheever on December 18, 1989. There is no ProDOS version of Isle; this suggests that the adventure may have originated as a non-Eamon text adventure.


The Lost Isle begins with the adventurer overhearing a pair of wizards debating the existence of an island off the eastern shore of a local sea. They suggest that this island was the island home of the wizard Castanamire (also "Castanamir"), who disappeared along with his home—and treasure—two hundred years prior to the setting of the adventure. The wizards, satisfied that the island exists, set off to loot it; naturally, the player recruits a pair of mercenaries—a dwarf and an elf—to accompany him or her, plotting to beat the pair of wizards to the island.

The cover of the D&D module The Lost Island of Castanamir


In his review of The Lost Isle, Andy Brobston awards the adventure a score of 4/10, describing the adventure as a straightforward "kill'n'loot" campaign. While pointing out that the addition of strong companion monsters eases the difficulty of the combat, Brobston remarks that due to "off the wall" room connections, the attention required for mapping the adventure while playing increases the difficulty somewhat.

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