The Palace of Mirrors

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The Palace of Mirrors
Eamon adventure
Author Paul Stadfeld
Created c. 1993
Native format Pascal

The Palace of Mirrors is a lost adventure created by Paul Stadfeld (aka "Mensanator") for his Turbo Pascal port of the Eamon game system. Thomas Ferguson discovered a reference to the adventure online at Stadfeld's website and contacted him for more information, which he shared in a September 2012 post to the EAG blog.

Stadfeld wrote the following brief aside on his website:

For the record, I was the author of DUNGEON #222 THE PALACE OF MIRRORS written for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF EAMON in the early 80's. Although donated to the local Apple ][ user group, it never made it into the Eamon archives that exist today and is probably lost. Luckily, my Turbo Pascal port source code is still extant, so there is a remote possibility that it may be resurrected.

Ferguson reported that Stadfeld couldn't find the files but shared some recollections of the adventure:

I always tried to put a unique twist in each of my games. In The Palace of Mirrors, the twist is how would a barbarian interpret the modern world (the Palace of Mirrors is simply a glass skyscraper with mirrored windows). Can he figure out how to use an elevator or a pay-phone? Can you imagine what would happen if he invokes the Power command when standing next to a 3-prong outlet? Will he recognize that the "box of scrolls" is simply toilet paper, and thus worthless whereas he should take the piles of greenbacks?

Stadfeld's description of the adventure as having adventure number 222 suggests he likely distributed it around 1992 or 1993, though his reference to "the early '80s" suggests it was written earlier. The EAG assigned number 222 to The Halls of the Adept, released in March 1993.

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