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"King Gordo" (real first name: Gordon) is an Eamon player and correspondent who contributed to the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter. His two written pieces, reviews of Quest for Orion by Pat Gise and The Body Revisited by Robert Parker, were published in the December 1989 issue.

Editor Tom Zuchowski offers the following humorous introduction in his "Terminological Inexactitudes" column:

We have a new reviewer this time, "King Gordo". Gordon has been a regular correspondent for some time, and was finally persuaded to put his views into review format. It is not entirely clear why he wishes that his real name not be used; it may be that he is afraid that some Eamon author, bent on revenge, will hunt him down for his comments. Gordon says that he used to be just plain Gordo, but once when on an Eamon quest he won a kingdom and a princess. The kingship stuck, but the princess never showed up. Lost in the mail, no doubt.

King Gordo's true identity remains unknown; Huw Williams speculates that he might be Gordon Letwin, a Microsoft programmer and computer adventure game enthusiast responsible for an early port of Colossal Cave Adventure.

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