Hills of History

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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
Hills of History
Eamon adventure #112
Author David Smith
Released October 1985
Revised 16 June 1988
EAG number 112
EDX number 15-09
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 3
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 112 - Hills of History.dsk

Hills of History is one of two Eamon adventure written by David Smith, both released in October 1985.


From the introduction:

You have been up late for several nights in a row studying for your final exams at the College of Wizards and Wanderers. If you blow this test you'll be out for good. Your history test is the one that really worries you. There are so many names and deeds to learn.

You suddenly remember an endurance potion given to you by a senior you once did a favor for. It smells awful, but you remember your predicament, hold your nose, and take a large swallow.

Too late you read the warning on the label. "Do not use after March 18, 1473." As the room begins to spin, your mind tries to focus on all of the facts you have been reading about. You must find your way out of this nightmare so that you can study some more for your test. Learn what you can while you fight history's villains and search for the treasures of our past.

The room spins faster and you blackout. You are floating down, down, down until you land gently on a nearby road.


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