The Tomb of Razaak

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The Tomb of Razaak
Eamon adventure #250
Author David Owens
Released January 2005
Revised 2 January 2005
EAG number 250
EDX number 18-10
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 250 - The Tomb of Razaak.dsk

The Tomb of Razaak is an Eamon adventure written by David Owens.


The adventure casts you in the role of a futuristic space-faring soldier, newly enlisted as a mercenary for the Zarpathians against the cruel and tyrannical Centauris. Your first mission is as a guard on a freighter, but mid-journey the ship suffers a malfunction and drops out of hyperspace near the remote planet Osiris 5. The planet is the former seat of an ancient interstellar empire, and legends say its last emperor Razaak accumulated a massive hoard of treasure, but now the world is a desolate wasteland populated only by reptilian aborigines. Your ship crash-lands on Osiris but you survive, marooned in a hostile land.

Full introduction

The war between the Zarpathian Empire and the Centauri Confederation has gone on for almost a century. Looking to make some money and win some glory but also because you despise the Centauris for their cruelty and tyranny, you enlist as a mercenary for the Zarpathians. Grudgingly they allow you to keep your favorite weapons, but they insist on issuing you a quantum blaster rifle.

To your disgust, they assign you to guard duty on a military freighter. Not much chance for gold and glory here, you think.

But on your first jump, you run into trouble.

You are on the bridge with the captain when the freighter suddenly drops out of hyperspace in orbit around a planet. "What the —," the captain curses and flips on the intercom. "Engineering! What's going on down there?"

"Can't say, Captain! The emergency overrides detected a problem and dropped us into normal space. We're checking everything right now!"

"Where the devil are we, anyway?" asks the captain and then consults the computer. The screen responds with the image of a planet and the name Osiris 5.

"Great!" The captain curses again. "The middle of nowhere! I'd better go see what's going on in the engine room!" He rushes from the bridge.

You examine the computer screen. It tells you that Osiris 5 is mostly desert with a few ruins, largely unexplored and uncataloged. It is thought that Osiris 5 was once the home world of the almost legendary Osirian Empire, almost all knowledge of which is lost in prehistory. The Osirians were reptilian humanoids who ruled hundreds of worlds with an iron fist. Supposedly a massive revolution tore the empire apart and left Osiris 5 a mass of smoking ruins. Legend has it that the last Osirian emperor, Razaak, was buried with an incredible fortune in gold and jewels. The planet's only inhabitants are a few reptilian aborigines. A handful of scattered desert tribes are all that remains of the once mighty Osirian Empire.

Suddenly the ship lurches and trembles. The intercom squawks, "Abandon ship! Abandon ship! The dyrillium crystals in the engine are all cracked, and we're out of control!" Again the ship quakes violently. You are thrown off your feet and hit your head on a wall. You black out.

When you come to, you are alone on the bridge.

The forward view screens show a vast expanse of wasteland dotted here and there with clumps of weeds. The control console shows that the port escape pod bay is empty. Apparently your comrades have left you for dead.

"Scum!" you snarl. "I'll bury 'em all!"

In the meantime, you're marooned on a desolate planet. You'd better start thinking about how you're going to survive.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black


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