Ragnar Fyri

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Ragnar Fyri
Ragnar Fyri.jpg
Full name Ragnar Fyri
Notability Developer
Location Asker, Norway
Born 12 January 1957
Died 30 May 2011
Website angelfire.com/ny/wontolla

Ragnar Fyri (12 January 1957 – 30 May 2011) was the author of the Eamon Master 4, an expanded version of the standard Eamon master diskette. Fyri, sometimes credited using his online handle Won-Tolla, also authored the standalone text adventure Ula Tor, which he began on the Apple II and later completed on the Amiga.


Artwork from The Tillamore Tales

Fyri enjoyed computer-based adventure games and starting in the mid-1990s became involved in (and ultimately led) a project to develop a graphic adventure game which he titled The Tillamore Tales, a detective comedy about a young writer named William Tillamore. Though it never progressed beyond the early stages, Fyri posted some details and artwork. Fyri also participated in several MUCKs including FurryMUCK (as a chihuahua named Yip), Toon, Furr and Fluff (as the coyote Huwuda), SpinDizzy (as the squirrel Waydya), and others, and also took part in some play-by-mail games.

Fyri loved programming with Amiga computers and made a number of contributions to Aminet, an archive of noncommercial Amiga files and software. He also enjoyed reading comics like Kevin & Kell, Sabrina, and the Ridderne av Dor series, and authored the web comic strip Adventures in ASCII (2007-2009).

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