The Death Star

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The Death Star
Eamon adventure #6
The Death Star intro.png
EAG number 6
EDX set 02
Author Donald Brown
Published 1980
Revised 14 December 1985

The Death Star is an Eamon adventure written by Donald Brown.


The Death Star reproduces settings and characters from Star Wars, the second highest grossing film of all time in the US after Gone with the Wind. Brown's adventure was written and released in 1980, the year that the film's sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, premiered.


As you leave the Main Hall a sudden reality shift takes you from Eamon and puts you at the helm of the Millennium Falcon, a captured spaceship that now sits within the Death Star, the evil Empire's massive space station. Equipped only with a lightsaber, you must find a way to disable the station's tractor beam and escape.


  • The cat-like Kzin in the station's cafe is not from Star Wars but is lifted instead from the works of science fiction author Larry Niven. The Kzinti race debuted in Niven's short story "The Warriors" (1966) and feature prominently in his novels Ringworld (1970) and Ringworld Engineers (1980).

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