The Domain of Zenoqq

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This is a Class C (bronze star) article.
The Domain of Zenoqq
Eamon adventure #233
Author Robert Claney
Created c. 1982-1983
Released September 1995
Revised 19 August 1995
EAG number 233
EDX number 17-20
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 5
Native format Apple ProDOS
File Eamon 233 - The Domain of Zenoqq (ProDOS).dsk

The Domain of Zenoqq is an Eamon adventure written by Robert Claney.


From the adventure's introduction:

Many years ago, a small kingdom was ruled by a powerful, but kind wizard named Maryex. The kingdom was happy for many years. But, one day, a person came under the guise of friendship and filled the people with false thoughts and corruption. He succeeded in having the great wizard thrown out and himself made Emperor of the kingdom.

At first, the people thought that this person was great, but the truth was slowly revealed. It was found that this man was actually an evil wizard. The people demanded their Maryex back. But alas, it seems the evil wizard had taken Maryex to his secret domain. A map was found which revealed the secret entrance to this evil place. The true name of this evil wizard was also found. His true name is... Zenoqq.

The land shakes when his name is spoken aloud. The people had decided to find someone brave enough (or dumb enough) to enter Zenoqq's Domain and rescue Maryex. They have found someone.

"Our need is great. You must enter his Domain alone to rescue our Maryex. But you must hurry. We have discovered that he is planning to kill Maryex soon. Beware, the way is long and dangerous. To help you defeat the Unnamed One, we are giving you a staff with the ability to make his creatures friendly to you when it is waved above your head. Be careful though, for the staff is old and the magic may not work all the time. Since you seem to need more incentive to free Maryex than this old magic staff, we have arranged for the Guild of Free Adventurers to pay you a reward for his safe return. Also, we have heard rumors that the person who kills the Unnamed One will find a weapon which can slay even the heartiest monsters. More interested now? We thought you'd be. Hurry, we're counting on you."

They then hand you the magic staff, reminding you of its power, and tell you how to find the secret entrance. Wasting no time, you head off...


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