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This is a Class A (gold star) article.
Eamon adventure #119
Grunewalde intro.png
Author Pat Hurst
Released June 1986
Revised 16 June 1988
EAG number 119
EDX number 06-01
EDX set The Pat Hurst Adventures
Native format Apple DOS 3.3

Grunewalde is an Eamon adventure written by Pat Hurst. Originally released on two diskettes, it was subsequently pared down to one.


Short on cash and wanting to avoid the shame of not buying drinks for your friends at Saturnalia, you head to the nearby duchy of Grunewalde to search for treasure in the mines there. You find a town with a keep, a tavern, and a suspiciously evil duke, Ferdinand de Lupus. There is one small quest, to find a cask of Amontillado wine. Otherwise, the adventure consists of exploring the town and the tunnels beneath it, while trying to avoid the Duke's guards.

General Notes

The adventure incorporates quite a few 1980's pop culture references, mostly to the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Players not familiar with the show may have difficulty solving one of the puzzles.

This adventure's commands are a little different than most. It’s a version 5 MAIN PGM, so there aren't true embedded artifacts and doors. Pat had to implement these manually, and they turned out a little different than those in future adventures.

To open doors, type "OPEN" followed by the direction of the door. So, to open a door to the west, type "OPEN W"

To look for secret doors and hidden items, you can "EXAMINE" to examine the room generally, or "EXAMINE XYZ" to examine a specific thing. (e.g., "EXAMINE WINE RACK")

Several artifacts are readable. You typically have to pick things up before you can read them (Except fixed things like signs.) Other artifacts (e.g., the lintel in the green room) can't be read using the READ command but you can read them with the EXAMINE command.


Grunewalde contains one major quest and several side quests and areas to explore. Most areas interconnect, so for simplicity of writing, this walkthrough covers each area separately. Following the instructions in this order will require some backtracking.

Getting Started

  1. Go east to the town square, then north to the keep
  2. Go north. Try to open the gate (OPEN E) and note that you can't. We'll come back to this later.
  3. If you want, explore the grove to the west. The well (D) is a death trap. You can EXAMINE to find a secret passage south to the entrance. EXAMINE WELL was supposed to show a better description of the well, but a bug in the program prevents it from appearing.
  4. Go east, then south from the town square for a side trip to a battle with a mugger named Filgus.
  5. From the area of houses, east of the square, you can EXAMINE to find a secret passage north to the graveyard, but there is nothing to do there yet.

The Amontillado quest

  1. Go south from the square into the bar. Meet Tommy and Floyd R. Turbo (a character from the Tonight Show)
  2. Go south again. Meet Art Fern, the owner of the tavern, and the Matinee Lady (the buxom bartender).
  3. Buy a drink (doesn't matter which). If you tip the bartender, she becomes friendly and gives you her garter.
  4. As you drink, the Duke will walk in with his guards. You get the quest to find the Amontillado, which is a cask of wine in the cellar.
  5. The Duke's guards stay in the tavern common room. If you go there, they will get angry at you and eventually attack.
  6. From the bar, go east to the landing, then down to the cellar. (The stairs are blocked until you get the quest.)
  7. Go north and west, where you will find a dolly. PULL DOLLY to pick it up.
  8. Go south. EXAMINE RACK, then PULL BOTTLE, to reveal a secret door.
  9. Go south and west to a 4-way intersection. Remember this location; the steps below use it as a landmark.
  10. Go west twice, then south twice, until you find a door. Kick it down (OPEN E) and enter to fight El Mouldo. The cask in his room is cooking sherry. If you take it up to the guards (GET CASK, but only if you have the dolly), they will be angry.
  11. READ the scroll for a hint. If you say the word EXCELSIOR, you can fly for one turn. (Single use only; save it for when you really need it.)
  12. Go west, then north to the end of the tunnel.
  13. EXAMINE to find a secret door. Go north into the green room.
  14. EXAMINE LINTEL to find a clue: "Introductions open doors."
  15. Say "HERE'S JOHNNY" and the east door will open. The Tonight Show theme song plays. If you are playing in an emulator with a fast CPU speed, you may wish to first slow the speed to 1 MHz to hear the audio.
  16. Go east into the Inner Sanctum. Try to get the cask, and Johnny will stop you with a magic trick.
  17. Give the garter to Johnny and he'll let you take the cask.
  18. Return to the tavern common room. The guards will take the cask and leave. You are now free to come and go from the tavern as you please.

The Gnome Stronghold

  1. From the 4-way intersection in the cellars, go south until the tunnel turns east. You'll fight several gnomes along the way.
  2. In the last room, the Gnome Stronghold, you can EXAMINE SMOKE HOLE to find a secret passage up. It leads to a high mountain pass. Keep going west and you can return to the Main Hall.
  3. If you don't want to leave yet, EXAMINE on the trail through the mountains to find a secret passage to the mine.

The Caverns

  1. Go down from the cellar landing to reach the caverns. You can meet an NPC named Ed here.
  2. From the cold storage room, a tunnel leads east into a set of caverns. This is just a 2-room maze and there is nothing of value here.

The Mine

  1. From the 4-way intersection, go west twice, north twice, and down twice to the dock. Go west onto the river. Don't go north; it's a death trap.
  2. EXAMINE to find a rope tied to the wall. This lets you go upstream (south). PULL ROPE four times to reach another dock.
  3. From the south dock, you can go up twice to the mine. It is closed off and there is no way in. (There are no rooms for the mine in the database.)
  4. You can find some bags of ore here. The telluride is worth something. The pyrite (fool's gold) is worthless.

The Werewolf and the Keep

  1. At the rubbish pile in the cellar (north and west from the stairs, where you found the dolly), EXAMINE to find a secret door going north.
  2. Go north to the rat nest. Fight the rats, then EXAMINE DROPPINGS to find an iron key.
  3. Go west until you reach the tunnel. This puts you a couple rooms north of the 4-way intersection.
  4. Go north until you reach the silver cross. PULL CROSS to get it.
  5. Go north and fight the werewolf. Learn the truth about the Duke. Pick up the amulet he drops.
  6. EXAMINE DEAD DUKE to find a brass key.
  7. While holding the amulet, say "LUPUS" and you will find a gold key.
  8. Drop the silver cross to destroy the Duke's body. If you don't, he won't stay dead forever…
  9. From here, there are two ways into the keep:
    1. The iron key opens the door east. Go through the catacombs and up to the mausoleum. Fight Carnac if you have to (random friendliness).
    2. PULL COFFIN to open the door to the graveyard.
    3. Open the back door into the keep (OPEN W) using the brass key
    4. If you go in this way, and you already completed the Amontillado quest, there will be a bunch of tough guards in the barracks. If you go here before completing the quest, there will be fewer guards.
  10. The alternate entrance is the north door from where you met the werewolf. This also opens with the brass key and takes you to the torture chamber.
    1. Fight the torturer. The west cell (OPEN W) contains an angry bear. The north cell (OPEN N) contains an NPC named Doc.
    2. The stairs go up to the kitchen
  11. Once inside the keep, you can find the main gate in the northwest of the first level. PULL CAPSTAN to open the gate which leads to the town square. Note that this turns the guards outside the gate hostile.
  12. In the reception room (west side of the first floor), PULL SASH to open a trap door that leads down to the cell with the bear in it.
  13. In the southwest of the first floor is the tower. Go all the way to the top and fight Joan.
  14. Get the broom and say "CLEAN SWEEP." You can now fly by going UP from many places in the adventure. You can even fly back to the Main Hall this way.
  15. Returning to the kitchen, go upstairs to the second floor.
  16. Go west to the Officer's Quarters. If Captain Blood is not in the tavern, you'll find him here. His sword, Seeker, is very powerful.
  17. Go north to the library. EXAMINE BOOK and READ BOOK to get a clue about lycanthropes.
  18. Go east until you reach the Duke's study. OPEN DESK to find a journal, which you can READ.
  19. Go south into the bedroom.
  20. If you didn't drop the silver cross onto the Duke's body, the Duke will now reappear and attack you. Once you kill him, he will reappear in every room you enter, until you leave the adventure or drop the cross.
  21. EXAMINE BED in the bedroom to find a chest. You can get it, then open it with the gold key you found in the amulet, to find some valuable jewels.


If you wear the amulet, you turn into a werewolf and your companions turn hostile. The fix for this is to read the signs in the tower and say the word on them.

If you went north on the river, you can save yourself from the death trap if you have El Mouldo's scroll. Say EXCELSIOR when you're in the room with the skylight, and you'll end up on the trail in the mountains.

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