Cliffs of Fire

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Cliffs of Fire
Eamon adventure #252
Author Wade Clarke
Released March 2009
Revised 27 November 1991
EAG number 252
EDX number 18-12
EDX set Classic Eamon Adventures, Vol. 6
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
File Eamon 252 - Cliffs of Fire.dsk

Cliffs of Fire is an Eamon adventure written by Wade Clarke.


In March 2009, Matthew Clark announced on the Eamon Adventurer's Guild website that three adventures written by Wade Clarke in the "early 90s" had been recovered by Clarke and submitted to the EAG. The LAST UPDATE file on Cliffs of Fire indicates that it was written before November 1991, making it the earliest of the trilogy.


The premise of Cliffs of Fire is that a "renegade priest" Elrem has stolen a magical artifact—a white scepter—from the western city of Kathros. It is suggested that the scepter somehow maintains order in Kathros, as its theft has the result of the city plummeting into crime and chaos. Elrem has fled south and constructed a fortified tower on the southern cliffs—the eponymous "Cliffs of Fire," and the High Priest of Kathros has come to the Main Hall to entreat the adventurer to assist. In addition to the recovery of the scepter, an implied, secondary quest involves the rescue of a number of Elrem's captives: an elf, the magician Marcus, and his apprentice Helena.

The adventurer is delivered to and extracted from the Cliffs of Fire by a boat piloted by Kathros' priests. The player will be criticized—but allowed to depart—if he or she attempts to return to the Main Hall without the scepter and granted 2,000 gold pieces if the scepter is successfully recovered.

Full introduction

In the small city of Kathros in West Eamon, the High Priest's sacred white sceptre has been stolen by the evil renegade priest, Elrem. He has fled south to the Cliffs of Fire, and using the powers of the sceptre, built himself a tower and created monsters to defend it. If Elrem is given time to unlock the sceptre's full powers he will destroy the entire city! In the sceptre's absence crime is returning to Kathros and overrunning the city...

The high priest of Kathros has come to the Free Adventurers Guild to find an adventurer willing to brave the dangers of the cliffs and the tower and bring the sceptre back. The task has fallen into your hands. You will be delivered to the coast by boat and from there you must make your way up into the cliffs and find the tower. The boatmen will bring you back to the Guild at any time, however the longer you take the greater the threat will become...


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.
Adventure map by Frank Black


The review in the March 2012 issue of the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter states that, although the adventure is relatively short, the writing of Cliffs of Fire is above average and indicates the talent more fully realized in Clarke's more ambitious Dawn of the Warlock and The Prism of Shadows.


Cliffs of Fire introduces two geographical locations to Eamon, the city of Kathros and the Cliffs of Fire. Kathros is described as being located in "West Eamon" and the Cliffs of Fire as south of Kathros, overlooking a body of water. As the cliffs are accessible from the Main Hall by boat, it may be inferred that they overlook the same body of water as the Main Hall. If the Pat HurstMike Ellis geography is followed, this places the Cliffs of Fire on the coast of the Malphigian Sea.


  • The Power spell carries a small risk of instant death through explosion to the adventurer due to the fact that the "Cliffs of Fire have dangerous effects on the power spell."
  • Cliffs of Fire, as well as the other two adventures in the Wade Clarke "trilogy," has the unusual feature of having its own theme music.

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