Escape from Mt. Moon

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Escape from Mt. Moon
Eamon adventure #278
Author Logan Blizzard
Created 2015
Released November 2021
Native format Apple DOS 3.3
Files Eamon 278 - Escape from Mt. Moon.dsk
Eamon 278 - Escape from Mt.

Escape from Mt. Moon is an Eamon adventure authored by Logan Blizzard.


For a period of time including 2014-2015, Logan Blizzard served as Laboratory Manger for the Media Archaeology Lab (MAL) at the University of Colorado Boulder. Several collections of Apple II Eamon adventures fell under the purview of Blizzard's curation; as an exercise to better acquaint himself with the Eamon platform, Blizzard put together Escape from Mt. Moon.

The disk including Blizzard's adventure remained at the MAL after Blizzard's departure and eventually was itself entered into the lab's catalog. Ultimately, in 2021 Thomas Ferguson obtained a disk image from the MAL. As its author had written Mt. Moon to better understand the platform--rather than public distribution--a handful of features made it impossible for a player to complete the adventure (most critically, the absence of a method by which the adventurer could return to the Main Hall). With a few superficial changes, Ferguson was able to make the adventure playable and distributed an updated disk image that same year.


Adventure map by Huw Williams

You've arrived at Mount Moon from Pewter City and begin your explorations in an east/west tunnel near the entrance.

  1. Pick up the flashlight and use it to light your way west to a dead end where you can battle a Zubat.
  2. Return to the entrance and go east into a twisting passage.
  3. Follow the passage north; a sudden rockslide blocks the way behind you.
  4. Go west, battle the Geodude, and get the Rare Candy.
  5. Climb up top, then go east to the Team Rocket base camp.
  6. Go north to the cages and dispatch the Rocket Grunt.
  7. Return to the base camp and go east to find a mining site.
  8. Check the abandoned shaft to the north to find a valuable Moon Stone.
  9. Go south and you'll encounter the Rocket Boss. Defeat him and take the Helix Fossil.
  10. Go east into the fossil room, then exit north and you're on your way to Cerulean City.


Escape from Mt. Moon is the only Eamon adventure set in the world of Pokémon, taking place entirely within the caves beneath Mt. Moon in the northern portion of the Kanto region.


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