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An adventurer in his natural habitat. (Gråborg, Färjestaden, Sweden)

An adventurer is a character controlled by the player who serves as the protagonist in adventures. An adventurer, like player characters in other fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, consists mostly of numerical representations of various skills and physical attributes; many of these are normally assigned at random, and some may improve through experience.

Adventurers in Eamon are members of the Guild of Free Adventurers and always leave from (and return to) the Main Hall in Evenhold when traveling.[1] Other guild members sometimes appear as non-player characters in adventures.


The Eamon Deluxe adventurer equipped with a weapon, a shield, and armor.


An adventurer has more detailed stats and characteristics than those normally assigned to computer-controlled monsters, though unlike monsters the adventurer has no textual description. The following is the minimum data that normally comprises an adventurer record:

Some variants of Eamon record additional data about the adventurer, such as handedness.

In the September 1993 issue of the club newsletter, Tom Zuchowski writes, "I would define a 'normal' character in this range: HD, CH, AG = 20; all weapon abilities = 50; armor ability = 20; all spell abilities = 70; gold = 10,000; two swords with 10% complexity and 2D8 damage ability; plate armor and shield."


Since players can create their characters in many different forms (man or woman, strong or weak, human or non-human), many specifics of the adventurer's life are necessarily vague and left to the player's imagination. Nevertheless, some personal details have been established by various authors over the years. The adventurer...

  • is considered one of the most able adventurers in the land.
  • enjoys the favor of the King, for whom the adventurer undertakes a number of different missions and quests.
  • sometimes has a romantic companion. In The Lair of the Minotaur this individual is identified as either girlfriend Larcenous Lil or boyfriend Slippery Sven, depending on the adventurer's sex. (In Picnic in Paradise the adventurer's date is similarly named either Heather or Magnum.) By the time of The Ice Cave the adventurer had been living in the forest with his girlfriend (now "Lovely Lil") for two years. Operation Crab Key describes the adventurer as having a "wonderful wife".
  • has an elder brother named Jollifrud, a retired adventurer who lives in the city of Fahrnor (Stronghold of Kahr-Dur). Jollifrud's daughter — the adventurer's niece — is Lady Mirabelle.
  • is sixteenth in line for the throne of the Sister Mountains kingdom (The Mountain of the Master).
  • enjoys drinking.
  • lives in or near the town.
Eamon Remastered adventurers (2023)

The adventurer also has many friends. Among them are...

Known adventurers

Members of the Guild of Free Adventurers sometimes appear or are mentioned in published Eamon adventures, appearing as characters to be rescued, allies to join your quest, or adversaries to defeat. Eamon distributions also often include pre-existing adventurers saved in the Main Hall; the best known of these may be Sam, a strong character frequently provided on Eamon master diskettes.

Eamon Deluxe comes with a number of preexisting characters from whom the player can select when entering the Main Hall (or alter with the character editor); it has characters built into its Adventure Designer to test adventures with a range of characters of different strengths and genders. Unlike regular adventurer characters (and those created by the player), the Adventure Designer characters can test multiple adventures at the same time; however, they do not get to participate in the Main Hall or raise their stats in the normal way, since their character statistics remain the same so that they can be used to test different adventures effectively.

The following table lists adventurers who feature in adventures, masters, and various other published sources.

Name Source(s) Notes
Sam Eamon Master Possibly the best-known adventurer, a strong character frequently provided on Eamon master diskettes.
The Abductor The Abductor's Quarters Rogue adventurer who becomes a kidnapper.
A.J. Adventure in Interzone,
The Jim Jacobson Adventures Deluxe
Appears in multiple adventures Frank Black wrote or converted.
Andy Sysive Eamon Deluxe Demo Adventure "Scowling" Free Adventurer with 50% friendliness.
Bleazak The Orb of Polaris Frozen while prospecting for gold in the ice caves.
Bob the Wanderer The Prince's Tavern Free Adventurer about whom great tales are told.
Brian Gendreau Journey Across the Muerte Sea Adventurer in the distant future. Powerful but slow, wielder of the sword "Sangre".
Calumni The Dark Brotherhood A cowardly braggart.
Charlie Brown Fiends of Eamon Short and bald like his namesake.
David Lechner Journey Across the Muerte Sea Adventurer in the distant future. Young but able.
Deljem Frolic The Prince's Tavern Free Adventurer about whom great tales are told.
Drocles The Mountain of the Master
Elbidahs Expedition to the Darkwoods An old and wizened wizard.
Ellwyn The Fugitive
Filipe Silva The Waiting Room
Galahad Eamon Master
Eamon Master 2
John Nelson noted in the May 1985 newsletter that the club had been including a capable adventurer named Galahad on the Master Disk for a couple of years.
Genzenbraun The Caves of Treasure Island
Glenda The Fugitive, The Underground City
Hector Expedition to the Darkwoods Your greatest rival here at the Main Hall.
Heinrich The Beginners Cave,
Enhanced Beginners Cave,
Eamon v7.0 Demo Adventure,
A Vacation in Europe
Iron Mike Revenge of the Bookworm
James The Creature of Rhyl
Jordane The Dark Brotherhood Fierce warrior from Grunewalde; known as a "party animal".
Joslyn and Oscar Realm of Fantasy
Laura The Harpy Cloud
Matlin Buccaneer! Also mentioned in The Dark Brotherhood
Maya Malleus Maleficarum
Megrim The Quest for Marron
Melancton Lair of the Mutants
Ming Expedition to the Darkwoods
Nice Guy Eddie Eamon Deluxe Demo Adventure A friendly member of the Guild.
Olthen Bedwier The Citadel of Blood
Orion Lair of the Mutants
Randall the Great Merlin's Castle
Randolf Museum of Unnatural History
Russell Lewis Journey Across the Muerte Sea An adventurer in the distant future. Unfocused but highly skilled.
Samuel The Creature of Rhyl
Sheenah The Fugitive
Sidney The Lost Island of Apple
Smithy The Tomb of Molinar
Taurus Jewel of Yara
Ted Nuclear Nightmare
Thuvia Expedition to the Darkwoods
Volstagg the Obese Lair of the Mutants
Wade Black Mountain
Wilk The Quest for Trezore
Adventurer X Deathstalker's Castle An "ancient, much rejuvenated Eamonaut".
Yeelquagsumomomag The Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R.
Yohab Death's Gateway
Unnamed adventurer Castle of Doom "Crazed adventurer" who "wears the colors of the Free Adventurer's Guild."
Unnamed adventurers A Runcible Cargo "Injured", "terrorized", and "frenzied" members of the guild.
Unnamed adventurers Deathstalker's Castle Several deceased Free Adventurers, killed by the Deathstalker.
Leasuresuit Frank Eamon Deluxe Main Hall Named in reference to Eamon Deluxe creator Frank Black and the Leisure Suit Larry series of adult computer games.
Floyd the Barber Eamon Deluxe Main Hall Likely reference to Floyd Lawson
Bill of Accounting Eamon Deluxe Main Hall
Nanock the Thick Eamon Deluxe Main Hall Pictured in the August 1984 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Log
Tom Zucchini Eamon Deluxe Main Hall Reference to Eamon club president Tom Zuchowski
Tank Black Eamon Deluxe Main Hall Pun on the name of EDX creator Frank Black
Zeus Hightower Flabbergibungander Eamon Deluxe Main Hall,
The Beginner's Forest
Black found this character's name particularly amusing when hearing it pronounced by screen reading programs while testing the system's vi compatibility mode. Zeus also appears in the Eamon Deluxe conversion of The Beginner's Forest, where he ineffectively assumes the job usually performed by William Misslefire of keeping out experienced adventurers.
Dirk Gently Eamon Deluxe Main Hall Named for the character by Douglas Adams
Hard Hat Mack Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Weak character named for the video game
Stan Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Medium-strength character
Sir Lunchalot Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Strong, well-rounded character
Brutus Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Super-tough character
Sally Van Weenus Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Weak character
Wendy Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Medium-strength character
Molly Millions Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Strong, well-rounded character named for the William Gibson character
Jane MacMurderkill-Jones Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer Super-tough character
Junior Badnews Eamon Master 2 (EAG)
Hakkard of York Eamon Master 2 (EAG)
Wimpy Eamon Master 2 (EAG)
Tami Frater Eamon Master 2 (EAG)
Ami Coneas Eamon Master 2 (EAG)
Diana de Dandelion Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
El Kabong Eamon Master 2 (BRAC) Named for a character from The Quick Draw McGraw Show.
The Gringo Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Grog Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Liora Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Orphan Anne Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Fern Heathertoes Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Grod Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Joe Cool Eamon Master 2 (BRAC) Nickname of Joe Montana
Kragoric Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Zigzag Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Zoorbokish Eamon Master 2 (BRAC)
Testor of Bench Test Bench The default adventurer created by the utility program.
Hedric the Horrible Eamon Player's Manual,
Recreational Computing
Marcus Antonius Creative Computing
Lovable Linda Eamon Player's Manual
Jo Normal Eamon Player's Manual
Jason of the Boar Ring Recreational Computing
Gorgar the Beef Eamon Adventurer's Log, October 1985
Big Rolf the Crude Eamon Adventurer's Log, October 1985
Lazarus Long Eamon Adventurer's Log, March 1985
Stark Dextix Eamon Adventurer's Log, March 1985
Bob the Wanderer Eamon Adventurer's Log, March 1985
Aldo Cella Eamon Adventurer's Log, October 1984
Capitu The CRPG Book
Fost Longstrider Retro Games Trove
Kheda Retro Games Trove

Other player-created adventurers

Many people who play Eamon create their own characters, so the number of player-created adventurers generated over the years is likely very large. Visitors are invited to record their favorite adventurers below:

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  1. One exception is The Boy and the Bard by Sam Ruby in which the player's character is a young boy who lives outside the kingdom.