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Treasure is a common kind of artifact. (The Silverdale Hoard)

An artifact is any object in an adventure that is not a room, a monster, or the adventurer. The most commonly encountered artifacts are weapons, gold, treasure, and dead bodies, with more specialized artifacts such as books, drinks, or doors also appearing regularly. Finding and acquiring artifacts, either to accomplish a particular mission or simply to gain wealth, is a goal in most adventures.

An adventurer cannot normally keep the artifacts he gathers and take them from story to story; instead, adventurers returning to the Main Hall after an adventure meet the pawn broker Sam Slicker who buys the artifacts, paying for them a quantity of gold determined both by their intrinsic value and the adventurer's charisma. The principal exception to the non-portability of artifacts is weapons: an adventurer may keep and continue to use and carry the weapons he has acquired, but cannot have more than four at any given time. Sam will buy any weapons beyond four that an adventurer carries out of a dungeon.


The Eamon Dungeon Designer's Manual identifies 12 standard artifact types:

# Type Format
0 Gold 0
1 Treasure 0
2 Weapon 1
3 Magic Weapon 1
4 Container 2
5 Lightable 3
6 Drinkable 4
7 Readable 5
8 Door/Gate 6
9 Key 7
10 Bound Monster 8
11 Wearable 9