The Waiting Room

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The Waiting Room
Eamon Deluxe
Author Frank Black
Created c. 2011
Released c. February 2012
EDX number 07-05
EDX set The Frank Black Adventures Deluxe
Native format PC DOS

The Waiting Room is the name used for dummy adventures or adventure sets in Eamon Deluxe. In his Eamon Deluxe Manual, creator Frank Black writes that The Waiting Room was the "dummy placeholder for adventure sets which had not yet been completed." Black lists it as the fifth adventure in The Frank Black Adventures set, with the adventure number of EDX07-05.

The Waiting Room was probably created in 2011 and became public around February 2012.


Though not a full playable adventure, Black wrote the following introduction for it which is included in the INTRO program of several Eamon Deluxe adventure sets:

You are sitting half-asleep at the bar in the Main Hall one day when you overhear a group of rough old adventurers talking earnestly to a giant, brutish young adventurer. They are telling him about a mystic doorway hidden within the remains of the old Main Hall.

This doorway, they proclaim in grave whispers, leads to a magical intersection of pathways; these pathways in turn lead to many, many different adventures, each one being unique and full of gold, fantastic treasures and opportunities ripe for the taking... for those who dare!

You continue to eavesdrop as one of the older adventurers argues with the anxious young man over the value of such information. They finally come to an agreement and a pouch of gold changes hands. Straining your ears, you manage to overhear as one of the seasoned and scarred adventurers describes to his eager audience how to locate and conjure this fantastic door.

You laugh to yourself, remembering being conned out of your gold a few times by mysterious strangers selling fake maps and false information when you were a fresh-out-of-the-Beginner's-Cave novice adventurer. And that, you figure, is most likely what you've just witnessed.

But then again...

It's been pretty boring lately, and you have that new enchanted elven sword that you've been itching to try out.

You quickly finish your drink and head to your room. Once properly prepared, you sneak past your friends at the bar and slip out a little-used side door in the kitchen of the Main Hall. You head down the worn road towards the Beginner's Cave, then cut westward into the Haunted Apple Grove. After engaging in a few minor skirmishes along the way, you come to the dark and imposing remains of the old Main Hall.

Still doubtful, you continue to follow the directions you overheard and soon come to a musty old storage room. You pry a heavy bookcase from the back wall, take a deep breath, and mutter a short enchantment...

Tinges of surprise and excitement wash over you as a glowing golden doorway appears on the wall. You cautiously open it and step into a long dark tunnel.

After several minutes of walking, you come to a small plain door. Making one last adjustment to your armor and weapons, you open the door and step inside...


The adventure has only a single room:

You are in a room recently constructed with lumber and concrete. The room is empty, except for a crisp vinyl couch and a small table. There is a bolted steel door to the north with the words "ADVENTURES UNDER CONSTRUCTION" painted on it. The odors of freshly sawed wood and wet paint waft from beneath it as you hear the muffled sounds of voices mingled with occasional grunts and cries from various beasts in rattling cages. To the south is a wooden door with an "EXIT" sign lit up over it.

Relaxing in the room with you is a man you recognize as Filipe Silva, "the first Eamon Deluxe adventurer." The only items are an empty soda can and the Eamon Deluxe Wall of Fame on which hang awards to Derek C. Jeter (for being the "first person to discover how to access the hidden super user features") and Thomas Ferguson (for "a multitude of contributions to the Eamon community").

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