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The revision date, shown in the directory of most Eamon adventure disks, indicates when the adventure was last edited. In nearly all cases these edits are corrections and standardizations applied by the Eamon Adventurer's Guild, made after having received the adventure, and are not revisions by the original author.

In most cases the revision date is later the release date, sometimes by years; for example, The Forest of Fear was released in August 1985 but was last revised by the club on 29 July 1989. In some cases no further changes are made to an adventure after being prepared for release, so the revision date is first: Return to Pendrama was last revised on 16 July 1992 and released in September 1992.

On DOS 3.3 disks the date normally appears in the catalog as the name of an empty text file — e.g., "LAST UPDATE: 9/18/93". On ProDOS disks it's stored in a BASIC file that shows the club's address, the adventure's name and author, and the date of last revision; the file is normally named something like "REV.18SEP93.LC".