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This article is about the fictional building. For the program on the Master Diskette, see Main Hall (program).
The Great Hall of Guildhall, London.

The Main Hall of the Guild of Free Adventurers, commonly known simply as the Main Hall or occasionally the Guild Hall, is the home of the Guild of Free Adventurers, an organization to which all player characters in Eamon belong. The Main Hall is located in Evenhold on the world of Eamon, and is where guild members depart from and return to when adventuring. Operating in and around the hall are a variety of merchants who provide goods and services to the members.


Eamon's standard Main Hall

The Main Hall program on the original Eamon master describes the hall as a building with an outer chamber filled with boisterous adventurers where the Burly Irishman registers new guild members, and a much larger inner chamber where various vendors ply their trades. The services provided in the Main Hall include:

A pawnbroker named Sam Slicker also operates in or near the hall.

Some Eamon variants add further details and features:

  • Jon Heng's Expanded Master adds a weapon training area to the hall where adventurers can improve their fighting abilities
  • Ron Maleika's Guildhall version adds a vendor of unusual armament named "Beaty's Special Weapon Shop".
  • Rick Volberding's Graphics Main Hall gives the user an overhead view of the hall showing a central bar flanked by a weapons and armor shop to the right and a magic shop and bank to the left, with a door leading to the village and a gate leading out to adventure.
  • The hall in Frank Black's Eamon Deluxe is similar to Volberding's except that the other vendors mentioned in Volberding's expansion get a little more personality, including profiles in the manual similar to those given in the original Eamon manual by Donald Brown. The manual also notes other vendors outside the hall such as Grendel's weapons and Schmitty's casino, attracted to the hall's vicinity due to the guild's prosperity and expansion.
  • The guild hall in Super Eamon has its vendors outside in surrounding buildings and alleys, with only the guild offices and adventurers' rooms inside the hall, which connects to a bar. (Also in Super Eamon, the adventurer finds a stock certificate granting ownership of one-hundredth of the Main Hall.)

The Magic Kingdom notes that the Main Hall contains a large mural of a dragon, possibly a reference to the dragon artwork shown in the game's splash screen. Per Search for Mack, a flea market operates in or near the hall, owned by a man named Jacoby Jones. Peg's Place reveals that there's a meadow just east of the Main Hall. The Mountain Fortress and various other adventures mentions a bar, The Lake references a restaurant (called "Le Eamon"), and The Waiting Room notes there's a little-used side door in the hall's kitchen which adventurers may use as a discreet exit. The Main Hall has a 50-inch TV purchased by the EAG (Deathstalker's Castle).

The most comprehensive description of the Main Hall to date is that given in Thomas Ferguson's A Runcible Cargo, which begins with the siege of the hall by the Guild of Bandits. Ferguson depicts the hall as a large room with bar and shop areas leading off it, and the burly Irishman's desk in one corner. To the east side is a large warehouse used by Sam Slicker to store the loot he buys from returning adventurers. There is also a cart containing weapons, suggesting that a lot more local business goes on in the Main Hall than just that seen in the game. It is also revealed that the adventurer resides in a small room just west of the hall rented from Hokas Tokas, the guild's resident wizard. The hall also contains a small branch of Eamon University.

The Main Hall has an "Adventurer's Lounge" (The Pixy Oak) and holds an annual "Adventurers Day" party (The Pathetic Hideout of Mr. R.). There's also a regular "Liars Contest" held at the hall where adventurers tell fantastic tales (Walled City of Darkness).

Several adventures describe matters of transportation at the Main Hall. The adventure Modern Problems describes two transportation services with waypoints there: while the Greyhound bus line provides ground transportation, the "Transalacanada Steamship Company" has a terminal as well. The Eamon Railroad also indicates that the eponymous rail service services the Main Hall, whose dedicated railyards are described in more detail in A Runcible Cargo.

The introduction to FutureQuest II mentions that there is a lake near the Main Hall.


The Main Hall is commonly depicted as standing in a town or village, identified by some adventure authors as Evenhold or Eamon Town. A Runcible Cargo provides significant detail on the hall's surroundings, even locating the sites of several past Eamon adventures as occurring close to the hall, such as the Eamon sewers, Eamon railroad, and even the infamous House of Ill Repute. Ferguson also places the hall near the coast, which squares with various other sources including Pat Hurst's Buccaneer! and Eamon Gazetteer, and with the Eamon Deluxe Demo Adventure which mentions beaches near the Main Hall.

Professor Larkspur's comments in Museum of Unnatural History suggest the Main Hall is located on "Main Hall Avenue".

Other main halls

The Free Rogues hall in SwordThrust

Main halls exist for organizations other than the Guild of Free Adventurers. SwordThrust starts players at the Main Hall of the Guild of Free Rogues, a building similar to its counterpart on Eamon described as having an examination room, a training room, a weapons shop run by a man named Heinrich, a bar where Hokas Tokas sits, and a fireplace where the banker Shylock Fitzhugh-Smythe stands.

A crude main hall stands on the Island of Apple, and a dark and sinister main hall exists in the evil alternate world of Zagora in Rhadshur Warrior. The Bandits Guild from A Runcible Cargo also have their own magnificently appointed Main Hall in the town of Frukendorf where the adventure's final showdown occurs.

Frank Black's short placeholder adventure The Waiting Room reveals the existence of an earlier Main Hall building used by the Free Adventurers Guild, now an abandoned structure located near the Haunted Apple Grove not far from the road to the Beginners Cave. Black describes the remains of the old Main Hall as "dark and imposing".

Nathan Segerlind's comedic adventure The Lair of Mr. Ed features a Hall of Villains.

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