Land of the Mountain King

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Land of the Mountain King
Eamon adventure #276*
Land of the Mountain King (Eamon CS).png
Author Kenneth Pedersen
Created 2020
Released February 2020
Native format C# (Eamon CS)

Land of the Mountain King is an Eamon adventure written by Kenneth Pedersen for use with the Eamon CS system, notable for being the most recently released Eamon adventure.


In 2017 Kenneth Pedersen entered his ADRIFT version of Land of the Mountain King into the annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp). In the ADRIFT version, the player is a Viking named Kral. Then in 2020, Pedersen converted the game to Eamon CS. In the CS version, the name of the player is the name of the character brought into the game and is an adventurer from the Main Hall on the planet Eamon.


You are walking in the woods looking for prey when you are suddenly shrouded in a cloud of white smoke. The smoke is too dense to see through, but eventually, the smoke clears and you find yourself on a barren plain.

As you turn around, you see an old witch stand before you. "Listen carefully!" the witch whispers with a hoarse voice.

"I have summoned you here to help me clear this land from the evil mountain king, who lives in his castle up north. The mountain king terrorizes this land and must die so that peace can be restored around here. If you succeed you will be significantly rewarded.

"You will meet various of his evil guardians on your quest, so take care. Unfortunately, I could not bring you here with your weapons, so you will have to make do with what you find around here.

"Good luck!"

With those words, the witch disappears in a puff of white smoke.

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