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The Master, often called the Eamon Master, Master Disk or Master Diskette, is the standardized set of core programs necessary to create and manage adventurers in Eamon. Normally occupying a single disk, the Master always includes a Main Hall and associated player-management programs and data files; it also commonly contains the first Eamon adventure, The Beginners Cave, and may include certain other utilities and documentation. Donald Brown created the first Master in or around 1979; improvements and enhancements have since been introduced in subsequent versions, as well as in separate Masters created by other developers.

Some writers refer to the Master as the "Main Hall", though this term more specifically applies just to the Main Hall program (or its fictional setting).


For use with classic Eamon

Eamon Master 1
The original master created by Donald Brown.
Eamon Master 2
Also known as the Expanded Eamon Master, by John Nelson and Jon Heng.
Eamon Master 3
Also known as Eamon Master JB or the Special Weapons Shop, by John Beaty
Eamon Master 4
Also known as Eamon Master RF, by Ragnar Fyri
Graphics Main Hall
Also known as Eamon Master 5, by Rick Volberding
Expanded Master
by Scott Everts
Arms School
by Bruce Miller
by Ron Maleika
Main Hall Annex
by Mike Greifenkamp
Eamon Master JH
by Jeff Hurlburt
Eamon Utility Master
by Andy Andrews

For use with Eamon variants

Eamon II Master
by John Nelson, Jon Heng, and Bob Davis
Eamon Pro Master
by Ryan Page
Lightning Eamon Basic Set
by Scott Everts / Shever Software
Super Eamon Master
by Little Green Software
Imagery! Master
by Dr. Evil Laboratories
Knight Quest Master
by John Nelson
SwordThrust Master
by CE Software
The Adventure Series Master
by Load'N'Go! Software

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