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The grond is the standard measure of weight on Eamon and is the unit used for all weights in the game. The unit was first defined by Donald Brown in the Eamon Player's Manual. A grond is subdivided into ten dos (singular: do).

It's uncertain how the grond compares to other units of weight; Brown writes that "with the stellar tides varying weights so much, the exact metric equivalent of a grond cannot be determined; however, an average weapon weighs about three gronds, and a coin weighs about a do." He does, however, define one precise equivalence: each point of an adventurer's hardiness represents the ability to carry 10 gronds.

Brown also uses the grond as the standard unit of weight in SwordThrust, where he defines it slightly differently: "A weapon will weigh roughly two gronds, a shield will weigh four gronds, a suit of armour will weigh one grond, and a coin weighs 1/100 of a grond (so a bag of one thousand coins will weigh ten gronds)." In SwordThrust a character can carry up to 20 times his hardiness in gronds.

The word appears in the name of artifacts in Museum of Unnatural History and Search for Mack, and also appears in Dungeon of Doom and Nucleus of the Ruby.