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"Eamonaut" is a term first introduced in the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter that has been used in various ways by different writers. Most frequently the term applies to any player of Eamon adventures. In reviewing titles like Dungeons of Xenon, Assault on the Clone Master, Time-Shift, and others, Tom Zuchowski notes their suitability "for the Young Eamonaut." Reviewing Search for Mack, he says it "may not suit female Eamonauts."

Pat Hurst in the June 1988 issue uses to term to refer specifically to someone who authors Eamon adventures: "These classes are interpreted liberally by Eamon authors (Eamonauts)..." The newsletter also applies the term to users who play and contribute to Eamon but are not actually authors, often awarding the honor of "Eamonaut of the Month" to a player who contributed bug fixes or other useful information.

The term may also occasionally apply to adventurers, as in Phil Schulz's Deathstalker's Castle or Thomas Ferguson's A Runcible Cargo: "Being a seasoned Eamonaut, a rabbit of this stature should seem pedestrian. You, after all, have battled wizards with rocket launchers..."

Huw Williams derives the term "Eamonautics" to refer more broadly to the study of all things related to Eamon, referring to it in correspondence in 2019 as "the Wonderful Field of Eamonautics."

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