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Top scores from The Castle of Count Fuey

A tournament adventure is a variety of Eamon adventure modified to support competitive play. In the January 1985 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Log, John Nelson notes that a tournament adventure disk has it own set of master programs (such as the Main Hall), allowing it to be run on its own without the use of the standard Eamon master, and tracks the player's score. How scores are assigned and evaluated is unclear.


Three stories by Donald Brown are known to have been created as tournament adventures: The Castle of Count Fuey, The Search for the Key, and The Rescue Mission, the latter two forming two parts of a single story. Tom Zuchowski notes that Nelson converted them to standard adventures in 1984.

Escape from Mansi Island by Scott Starkey was also a tournament disk; the January 1987 "Bug Bytes" column gives fixes for some bugs introduced when it was converted to a standard adventure.