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This article is about step-by-step adventure guides. For the newsletter column, see Eamon Walk-Through.

A walkthrough is a set of step-by-step instructions that players can follow in order to complete an adventure. While playing an adventure with minimal hints or guides tends to be more satisfying, a walkthrough can be helpful if the player gets lost, stuck, or can't solve a particular puzzle or challenge.

Published walkthroughs

In newsletters

Main article: Eamon Walk-Through

Beginning in the March 1996 issue of the EAG newsletter, Tom Zuchowski began publishing a regular column titled "Eamon Walk-Through" that featured hints, tips, and solutions for various adventures. The column featured walkthroughs for a total of 22 adventures.


After the EAG newsletter ceased, several more walkthroughs were published by Matthew Clark on the EAG Online website, including eight submitted by Jared Davis (added in 2005) and two by Richard Davies (added in 2008).

The Eamon Wiki includes walkthroughs for some adventures, but 191 currently don't have any; these adventures are listed in the Adventures without walkthroughs category.

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