The Treachery of Zorag

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The Treachery of Zorag
Eamon adventure #274*
The Treachery of Zorag intro.png
Author Derek Jeter
Created 2012
Released May 2013
EDX number 25
Native format PC DOS

The Treachery of Zorag is an Eamon adventure written by Derek Jeter for use with the Eamon Deluxe system, notable for its size and quality and for being the most recently released Eamon adventure.


Eamon Deluxe creator Frank Black announced in an April 2013 post to the EAG Blog that he was testing and debugging The Treachery of Zorag and predicted it would be ready for release by May, but development of the system ended around that time and the adventure was never officially included in an official release.

Jeter later published the adventure himself on his own website, using a Javascript-based version of DOSBox to make it playable through a web browser.


A knight from the nearby city of Behlos arrives at the Main Hall to announce that the king is assembling a party of the land's greatest heroes to investigate the possible return of Zorag, an evil wizard imprisoned for many years and now feared to be free. The knight asks for the Guild's greatest warrior to join the party, and when your comrades all point to you, you accept the errand. The knight orders you to appear at the King's Hall in Behlos at sunrise on the second day to begin the mission.

Full introduction

While milling about the Hall of the Guild of Free Adventurers, you hear a loud rapping sound that draws everyone's attention to a Knight from the nearby city of Behlos. He clears his throat and begins to speak, "I will not waste your time. We have all seen the rise of a 2nd moon, blood red, that foretells the rise of an ancient power. You know of what I speak." He pauses for a moment, the room silent as a tomb, and continues.


There is a collective gasp in the Hall. You have heard the legends of a powerful wizard who continuously sought greater power by unnatural means and was eventually imprisoned by a benevolent order of Druids. Unfortunately, the order faded over time and the magic that held Zorag in captivity waned. Rumors circulated for years that he was free and was drawing all power and evil to him, but many dismissed this as mere speculation. Some didn't even believe he really existed. Most believed he had died while being held by the Druids. The Knight continues, "King Raulos is assembling a party of this land's greatest heroes to investigate the possibility of Zorag's return and defeat him if he has indeed returned. One of you must join this quest. Who is this Guild's greatest warrior?"

Without hesitation, everyone turns and points to you! Some yell out, "Sam!" with excitement and others say it with relief that they will not be burdened with this errand. You step forward to the Knight and announce yourself. The Knight looks at you with doubt, and perhaps even a bit of fear. Finally, he says, "You have one day to gather your equipment and say goodbye to loved ones. You are to take the King's Road to Behlos and meet at the King's Hall at sunrise on the second day. To fail to appear or to be late will be considered treason to the realm, punishable by death. That is all." With that, he briskly walks away.

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