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The main menu for Eamon Utilities I.

Eamon Utilities I is the first volume in the Eamon Utilities series, a set of disks containing Eamon utility programs collected (and mostly created) by John Nelson and distributed by the National Eamon User's Club. The disk is dedicated to utilities useful to players rather than necessarily to designers and was built around 1983 to 1984.

Several of the programs were later included in the condensed EAG Utilities Disk assembled by Tom Zuchowski and distributed through the Eamon Adventurer's Guild. Some were also added to the masters distributed by the EAG.


The following are the utilities and related files included on the first volume.

Utility Type
Adventure Only BAS
Adventure Log Maintenance BAS
BugLog BAS
Character Maintenance BAS
Check Files BAS
Eamon Character Cloner BAS
Condense Characters BAS
Display Characters BAS
Edit Characters BAS
Initialize Characters BAS
List Eamon R.A.M. BAS
Manual Labels BAS
Quicky Room Print BAS
Resurrect BAS
Snappy Maintenance BAS
Special Log BAS
Transfer Character BAS
Eamon Adventure Log TXT
Eamon Bug Log TXT
Eamon Special Log TXT
Utility Doc TXT

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