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Article assessment is the system of rating Eamon Wiki articles on their quality and completeness. Assessing articles makes it easier for editors to find weak or incomplete articles that need attention.

Article assessment is only for articles (wiki pages in the article namespace) and should not be used for files, templates, portals, categories, or other non-article pages. Also avoid giving assessments to things like disambiguation pages or redirects.


Rating Star Description
AA Radiant gold star This article is one of the best in the wiki: comprehensive, thorough, well-written, and well-structured.
A Gold star This is a complete article; it includes useful content on all important/relevant aspects of the subject.
B Silver star This article has some useful content but is incomplete and needs more work.
C Bronze star This article doesn't have much content and may be little more than a stub or placeholder.
Unknown star This article is unassessed.

Note that an article doesn't necessarily have to be long to get an A rating. For some subjects there's simply not a lot one can say, or there's not much information that can be reported. If an article is short but includes all the information that one could reasonably expect it to, then it's generally fair to rate it as complete.

Assessing an article

To assess an article, add the assessment template to the top of article with your rating as the argument. Here's an example for a Class A article:


Adding this template to an article makes a small star appear near the upper right corner that indicates the rating you assigned and links to this page. The template also puts the article in the category that corresponds to its rating:

Adding the template without assigning a rating (like so: {{Assess}}) signifies that the article needs to be assessed and makes the article appear in the unassessed articles category:

Since they serve an administrative function, these categories are hidden categories and don't normally appear with the regular content categories at the bottom of the article. If you prefer them to be shown, visit your Preferences, go to the Appearance tab, and under Advanced Options tick the "Show hidden categories" box.