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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

A rift, also variously called a dimensional portal, space-time flaw, reality shift, inversion of reality, gateway, etc., is a persistent magical connection between one point in space and time (often the vicinity of Evenhold on the world of Eamon) with a distant point elsewhere on the planet, on some other planet, or even in some other universe or period of history. Authors sometimes use rifts to allow the adventurer to quickly journey to and return from exotic locations far from the Main Hall. The nature and behavior of rifts vary considerably.

The earliest rifts appear in Donald Brown's adventures The Death Star and Assault on the Clone Master where they're described as "reality shifts" or "space-time flaws", in both cases manifesting outside of the Main Hall and producing an "unpleasant wrench in your stomach" when traversed. In Death Star the rift whisks the adventurer's consciousness to a distant galaxy where they assume the body and memories of another being; in Clone Master the adventurer moves physically to a world in another universe.

Rifts are distinguished from singular instances of teleportation, such as a wizard magically moving a character or object from one point to another.

Explicit rifts

Adventure(s) Description Starting point Ending point Notes
The Death Star,
The City in the Clouds
Reality shift/
Inversion of reality
Outside the Main Hall A galaxy far, far away Places the adventurer into the life and body of a different being
Assault on the Clone Master,
Fiends of Eamon
Space-time flaw/
Dimensional fault-line
Outside the Main Hall A world in another universe
The Tower of London N/A In or near Evenhold London, England (Earth) The return connection to Eamon is at the back of a London gift shop
Lifequest Entrance Border of Evenhold shire World of Light and Darkness Guarded by four Seraphim with flaming swords

Assumed or inferred rifts

The adventures A Vacation in Europe, The Sewers of Chicago, and Modern Problems are all set (or begin) in contemporary North America on Earth, implying the presence of one or more rifts leading there.

Adventures set in Middle-earth assume the ability for the adventurer to travel between Eamon and Arda. The Mines of Moria suggests that a connection to the vicinity of Eamon's Main Hall is located somewhere west of the Misty Mountains.