The Tower of Eamon

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The Tower of Eamon
Eamon adventure #279
Authors Frank Black
Thomas Ferguson
Huw Williams
Created 2013–2021
Released July 2022
Native format PC DOS (Eamon Deluxe)
File Eamon 279 - The Tower of

The Tower of Eamon is an Eamon adventure authored by Frank Black (under the pseudonym Walter Melon), Thomas Ferguson, and Huw Williams.


The Tower of Eamon resulted from a design contest announced by Black in the March 2013 issue of the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter. The contest asked participants to submit a small set of about 10 rooms (with descriptions, connections, artifacts, monsters, etc.) with the intention of combining all the submissions together to form a single, collaborative piece in the style of an exquisite corpse. Each submission was to represent one level in a tall tower and had to include a staircase so it could connect to the other sections.

Black and Ferguson built levels for the tower but no other submissions were received and the project remained incomplete for several years. Ultimately in 2021 Ferguson ported the tower along with some staircase descriptions provided by Williams to Eamon Remastered and Eamon CS and submitted them to Keith Dechant and Michael Penner for inclusion in their adventure libraries. Eamon CS formally added The Tower of Eamon on 28 July 2022.


Adventure map by Huw Williams

The adventure's brief introduction establishes the premise:

You have once again been summoned by the Three Emperors to the Wonderful World of Eamon. This time your mission is to expose the secret plans being made by The Underground Villains Club within the mystical Tower of Eamon.


⚠️ A walkthrough is needed for this adventure.


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