The Jim Jacobson Adventures Deluxe

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The Jim Jacobson Adventures Deluxe
Eamon Deluxe #3
The Jim Jacobson Adventures Deluxe intro.png
Author Jim Jacobson
Released 2000
EDX number 03

The Jim Jacobson Adventures Deluxe is an Eamon Deluxe adventure set that contains five Eamon adventures by Jim Jacobson:


When converting the adventures to Eamon deluxe, Frank Black made significant changes, indeed he has stated in the Eamon deluxe news letter that %50 of the content to the adventures is new. Tthese changes go beyond the alterations and gameplay additions Frank makes to other eamon Deluxe convertions as they do more than merely smooth over errors, for instance adding the ability to enter the Elivator in Cave of the Mind, and a more reasonable method to opening the door in The Devil's tomb. One of the major differences however is the addition by Frank of a characters file which keeps track of several characters you meet in earlier adventures and inserts them into later ones. For example, when finishing Cave of the Mind if The Chef is your companion, you are told he went traveling on the Ziphur River and encounter him there. This culminates in The Abductor's quarters, in which the title character seems to have abducted more than the lady mentioned in the introduction and all of your friends from previous adventures are found in his dungeons. The characters also feature extra comments and actions which provide humour and destraction through the adventures, and give an over all sense of story, for example finding the Black Warrior to be a resident in Hades after defeating his plans on the Ziphur river.

  • In the final adventure, which might be thought of as the climax, Quest for Trezore, Frank introduces two truly interactive new companions. Dr. Benway of Interzone who you meet in the Deluxe version of Ziphur river (and Frank's own Adventure in interzone), and who is also a reference to the william Burroughs surrealist novel "the naked lunch", and Edgar, an adventurer who's mysterious and rather self important mark you will have already encountered in the previous outings. These two are truly interactive companions, react to what is around them, often produce comedic relief and help out by offering hints on puzzles, (while scarfing up most of the treasure), one reason why Quest for Trezore is much easier in it's deluxe version.


Luke hewitt applauded the changes and updates to the pack generally, appreciating their humour and even awarding extra review ratings for the pack as a whole, in addition to the individual scores for each adventure. He compared experience to the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook series in it's style and enthusiasm, even if a couple of individual adventures such as The Abductor's quarters were less to his taste.

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