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The Eamon Deluxe Adventure Database Editor is a Windows-based GUI database editor developed by Derek Jeter for the Eamon Deluxe adventure system.


  • Quickly and easily add, edit or delete all components of an Eamon adventure: rooms, artifacts, monsters and effects.
  • Validation engine helps identify common data entry mistakes:
    • Validate artifact data parameters (doors, containers, etc.).
    • Validate artifact and monster locations.
    • Check for incorrect room connections.
    • Verify an adventure has a light-source artifact if there are dark rooms.
    • Validate linked description chains.
    • Check for TODOs in object descriptions.
  • HTML Report Generator creates formatted HTML reports listing all components.
  • Immediately play the adventure being edited with one click — no need to boot the Main Hall or Dungeon Designer.
  • Character editor for use during play-testing.
  • Supports 6- or 10-direction dungeons.

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