Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 1

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Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 1
Eamon Deluxe
Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Volume 1 intro.png
Author Various authors
Editor Frank Black
Released c. 2004

Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 1 was a set of adventures organized by Frank Black that was published in earlier versions of Eamon Deluxe. It contained three adventures that Black didn't wish to have in any other set because of their low quality and/or pornographic content, and which he included in Eamon Deluxe solely for the sake completeness.

Black created the set sometime prior to 2005 and included it in his game at least through version 4.5 (released in 2007). By version 5, Black had retired the set and moved the adventures elsewhere:


Editor Frank Blacks notes from Eamon Deluxe version 4.5:

Welcome to the Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures. This first volume holds the three adventures that I eliminated from the master list for various reasons listed below. It should not be confused with volume 2, which is a collection of some very good adventures that, unfortunately, are copyrighted by Softdisk Publishing and I can't legally distribute.

The "Eamon 7.0 Demo Adventure" was written by Tom Zuchowski just to test his version 7.0 Eamon system for the Apple II series of computers. It is pointless as an Eamon Deluxe adventure and was only converted for the sake of having the entire collection of Apple Eamon adventures converted to Eamon Deluxe. However, I do apologize to Tom for sticking it with the pornographic adventures.

"The House of Ill Repute" is a very obscene adventure. It consists mainly of interacting with several prostitutes within the house, with a small handful of non-obscene special effects. It is also very gross (more scatological than pornographic in my opinion). It is NOT recommended for children.

"The Cat House" is a very obscene and pointless adventure. While not quite as gross as "Ill Repute", it is even more devoid of content and involved nothing more than interacting with the prostitutes. It is also NOT recommended for children.

Again, these three "adventures" were converted just for the sake of having Eamon Deluxe versions of the entire Eamon collection.


  • Black attributes the conversion of these adventures both to himself and to the fictional "Raoul Duke".

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