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The Eamon Deluxe Newsletter, volume 1 number 1.


Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter Archive


February 2005


Frank Black


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The Official Eamon Deluxe Newsletter
Volume 1 Issue 1
February 2005

Frank Black, Publisher & Editor Emeritus

This newsletter follows no regular schedule and will be published when there is Eamon Deluxe news to share and when time permits.

Subscription is free for email copies and $1.00 per issue if you want a copy mailed to you ($1.50 outside of the USA). Please email subscription requests to:

Email subscribers please let me know if you need a plain text version sent to you!

© 2005 Bort Software. This newsletter may be freely borrowed, reprinted, copied, or otherwise plagiarized, as long as it is not for profit. Please give credit to the source if a significant portion is used.

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Welcome to the first Eamon Deluxe Newsletter!

If you think this looks a lot like the old Eamon Adventurer's Guild newsletters then you are right. I borrowed a few issues off the Eamon CD to use as templates.

The reason for starting this newsletter is the arrival of the first Eamon Deluxe original adventure (excluding the Demo Adventure of course); Adventure #20 Journey Across the Muerte Sea by John MacArthur.

Send all requests, comments, bug reports and new adventures to:

What Eamon Deluxe adventures are available?

This seems to have been an area of confusion among many people. While I compiled a master list years ago of how all the classic Eamon games will be collected into Eamon Deluxe, not all of the 250+ adventures have been converted yet.

It takes time and work to convert all those old adventures to Eamon Deluxe standards. I generally convert one to two collections a year. There will be an updated list at the end of this newsletter that shows which collections are finished. In the future I'll keep the page at updated as well.

I convert them in no real order. Generally I've put off some of the harder conversions, such as The Sam Ruby Adventures, because they start to cross the line between fun and work. If I get a request for a particular adventure or adventure collection, I'll probably put it into production (send me an email!).

I currently have a few odds and ends that are finished but haven't been released because the collection they belong to isn't complete. I won't be making them available for general download, but I will email them to anybody who is interested. The list currently includes:

Want to write your own Eamon Deluxe adventure?

I am more than happy to work with anybody who wants to create their own adventure. As it is, you can design a pretty good adventure with the Eamon Deluxe Dungeon Designer without any knowledge of computer programming.

If you have any special ideas you would like to add and don't know how just let me know and I'll help you get it worked out (or program it for you).

Coming Soon!

The Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 2 is nearly complete. This is a collection of the four really good Softdisk adventures by Sam Ruby and myself. I have Edgar's Adventures, Redemption, and Banana Republic in beta testing and am working on converting The Curse of Talon. I am hoping to have this set ready for release by the end of March. I'm going to Georgia for spring break this year and probably won't be working on Eamon Deluxe again until sometime this summer.

Help Wanted

I need somebody to review The Jim Jacobson Adventures. I added a lot of new stuff to these when I converted them and they almost qualify as brand new adventures now.

Please send in your ratings for adventures. The scale is 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. Adventure reviews, letters and articles are also welcomed.

Adventure Review

Eamon Deluxe #20 – Journey Across the Muerte Sea by John MacArthur

Reviewed by Frank Black

(Note: I received this adventure in the summer of 2004. After exchanging some emails with the author about a few bugs that needed to be worked out, I lost contact with him. I finally decided to go ahead and debug it myself. No major changes were made to the story, puzzles, or general game play.)

Extra commands: KISS,WAIT,ORDER
Playing time: 1–2 hours
Reviewer's rating: 7.5

Description: There is a rather long and encyclopedic intro in a fashion reminiscent of some of Sam Ruby's bigger works, particularly Elemental Apocalypse. To make a long story short, you are sent on a quest to find the ingredients for a "Control Potion" so that it can be slipped to a ruthless and powerful dictator before he starts a global war.

There is an amusing segment where you receive the mission from "General Zuchowski" (after entering the secret EAG headquarters through the freezer in the Main Hall's kitchen) that I enjoyed.

Comment: The game takes place on a medium sized ocean map with three islands that you can land at, each island having an element you need to complete your quest. There are several puzzles to solve at each island (well two of the islands anyway), as well as on the ocean. There are clues scattered about for each of these puzzles, so don't be too quick to use the HINTS. There are lots of embedded artifacts in this adventure and many of them are important, so make sure to try and EXAMINE things mentioned in descriptions.

The new commands are each only needed in one or two places. Once you've found the use for each you can forget about it.

This is more of a puzzler's Eamon with a small amount of combat, mostly involving wild animals. I found it to have a fairly consistent and fun setting and enjoyed the flavor of it very much. The descriptions were interesting and often amusing as well. All in all this is an excellent adventure for a first time author.

I would have rated it a little higher, but it has an unfinished feel to it, as if the author had planned to add a lot more. It didn't even have an actual ending until I added one to it. I also had to tie up some loose ends myself and do a lot of debugging so my rating reflects mainly on the author's material and not what I added. Difficulty of (7) if you don't use the hints, (5) if you use the hints sparingly.