Beginners Adventures

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Beginners Adventures
Eamon Deluxe #1
Author Various authors
Editor Frank Black
Released 2000
EDX number 01
Native format PC DOS

Beginners Adventures is an Eamon Deluxe adventure set that contains seven Eamon adventures for beginners.


Creator Frank Black first added the Beginners Adventures set to Eamon Deluxe around the year 2000.


EW# EAG# EDX# Title Author(s)
1 1 01-01 The Beginners Cave Donald Brown
42 42 01-02 Alternate Beginners Cave Rick Volberding
140 140 01-03 Beginner's Forest Margaret Anderson
186 186 01-04 Beginner's Cave II John Nelson
191 191 01-05 Enhanced Beginners Cave Donald Brown, John Nelson
195 195 01-06 The Training Ground Charles Hewgley
268 01-07 Eamon Deluxe Demo Adventure Frank Black


When converting the six original Eamon adventures to Eamon Deluxe, Frank Black made several corrections and even some additions to the play, though all the original text and gameplay is preserved. Additions include the ability to examine certain embedded artifacts similar to those found in the Eamon Deluxe Demo Adventure, and in some cases the alteration of monsters' stats or the removal of sudden death traps to make the adventures more beginner-friendly.

Black's changes are perhaps most noticeable in Beginner's Forest, where several death traps, such as walking straight into a stream and drowning (despite having to walk into a lake later in the adventure), have been modified to produce more amusing and less frustrating results — often with the appearance of a "wizard of fair play" who will save the player at the last minute. Frank also added an optional cheat code, found in the adventure hints, which removes the hoard of forest spooks that attack in the second room of the forest, though use of this is left up to the players' discretion.

The Training Ground also comes with a cheat code in case the player is unhappy with some of the unexpected alterations that may occur to her/his character.


Reviewer Luke Hewitt wrote that several of the adventures are somewhat sparse in design, particularly in terms of objectives, but he enjoyed their atmosphere and overall theme and awarded the pack an extra two marks for serving as a good introduction to Eamon. Hewitt also stated that he felt more positive about several of the adventures, such as Alternate Beginners Cave and The Training Ground, than the original Eamon Club reviews, and so awarded them higher scores; the same was not true of John Nelson's Beginners Cave II.

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