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Grancasa is one of several continents on the world of Eamon and is the setting for the great majority of Eamon adventures. The Main Hall, Evenhold, and nearby kingdoms are all situated on Grancasa.

The continent's name appears in only a single adventure, Journey Across the Muerte Sea by John MacArthur (2005). In its introduction, MacArthur writes that Grancasa and two neighboring continents — Republica and Malcarcel — are separated from each other by the Muerte Sea, site of a primordial battle for supremacy among four elemental gods. Since the battle the sea was left "barred" and impassible, leaving the continents isolated from each other. MacArthur uses Spanish words as the basis for several of his placenames, including gran casa which means great house; he may have chosen the name as a reference to the Main Hall.

The continent is bordered by the North Ocean and the South Seas, as well as the smaller Malphigian Sea the southwest.