Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 2

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Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 2
Eamon Deluxe
Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Volume 2 intro.png
Author Various authors
Editor Frank Black
Released 2005

Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures, Vol. 2 was a set of adventures organized by Frank Black that was published in earlier versions of Eamon Deluxe. It contained conversions of the four Eamon adventures published commercially by Softdisk.

Black announced in the February 2005 issue of the Eamon Deluxe Newsletter that he was nearly finished with the set and hoped to release it by March. It was included in Eamon Deluxe at least through version 4.5 (released in 2007). By version 5, Black had retired the set and moved the adventures elsewhere:


Frank Black's notes from Eamon Deluxe version 4.5:

Welcome to the Unofficial Eamon Deluxe Adventures. This second volume is a collection of four of the highest rated classic Eamon adventures that, unfortunately, were published commercially and are copyrighted by Softdisk Publishing. While it is unlikely that Softdisk would be concerned about these conversions, I still can't legally distribute these adventures.

The good news is that Sam Ruby and I made $500.00 for each adventure we published, which was a lot of money for me in 1995.

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