Muerte Sea

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The Muerte Sea is a large body of water to the west of the continent of Grancasa that separates it from the neighboring continents of Republica and Malcarcel. The adventure Journey Across the Muerte Sea by John MacArthur takes place on the Muerte Sea and some of the islands within it, and begins near the port of Gran Buen on the east coast of Republica.

A great battle once took place in the Muerte Sea among the four gods of fire, water, air, and earth, resulting in the sea — especially its southern part — becoming too dangerous to traverse. Likely because of this the sea was given the name Muerte, the Spanish word for death. The elemental essences of pure fire, pure water, and pure air were hidden on three islands in the sea, but were discovered and retrieved by the adventurer.

The sea is bordered on the west by Republica, on the east by Grancasa, and on the north by the Nocalor Ocean in which the continent of Malcarcel presumably lies. Shark-infested ocean also lies to the south. The island of Nocambio is northeast, near the western coast of Grancasa.