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MS-DOS is a disk operating system for x86-based personal computers introduced by Microsoft in 1981 and used through the 1980s as the OS for most IBM PCs. Though Eamon originated under Apple DOS on the Apple II, developers created several ports of the game for MS-DOS machines, including Eamon Deluxe by Frank Black, Eamon-PC by John Nelson, Eamon 2.0 by Jon Walker, and a PC conversion by Paul Gilbert.

Version history

Version Release date
MS-DOS 1.0 August 1981
MS-DOS 2.0 March 1983
MS-DOS 3.0 August 1984
MS-DOS 4.0 July 1988
MS-DOS 5.0 June 1991
MS-DOS 6.0 August 1993
MS-DOS 7.0 August 1995

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