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The Eamon Deluxe notes for John MacArthur's adventure Journey Across the Muerte Sea.


Eamon Deluxe 5.0 file EDX\C\EAMONDX\E020\INTRO.BAS




John MacArthur and Frank Black


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John MacArthur's notes

This is the first Eamon Deluxe-specific adventure, not counting the Demo Adventure. I have made many modifications to the base program. The only ones that you'll need to be concerned about are:

  1. New command: WAIT. This command is a good command to use when you want to wait for something to happen. Otherwise, it just wastes moves.
  2. New command: ORDER. Use the following syntax.

    Your command-> ORDER <MONSTER>

    To use what? <ARTIFACT>

  3. New command: KISS. Use the following syntax.

    Your command-> KISS <MONSTER>

Here are some Eamon Deluxe tips:

  1. You must REMOVE items from containers to interact with them.
  2. USE is a generic command. It is a consolidation of a bunch of commands that I would have separated if I had had time to debug a half dozen routines.
  3. If you die, a screen will pop up allowing you to restart the game.
  4. LOOK finds nothing extra. However, EXAMINE find loads of stuff: Nearly half of the artifacts are embedded or otherwise hidden. Some are multiply embedded.

Finally, this is my first Eamon adventure. If you have any comments, questions, whatever, feel free to contact me at

And now, Journey Across the Muerte Sea...

Frank Black's notes

I received this adventure in the summer of 2004. After exchanging some emails with the author about a few bugs that needed to be worked out, I lost contact with him.

I finally decided to go ahead and debug it myself. I made no major changes to the story, puzzles, or general gameplay. However I did re-write a lot of the program code, edited some mistakes on the map, tied up some loose ends, added some HINTs, did a spelling check on all the text, adjusted the stats on some monsters, and added the ending text. All in all I spent several days getting this ready for release.

I feel I must note that the author had put a lot of time and work into a new routine to handle doors. While it was well done, it had some bugs and wasn't really crucial to gameplay. Because of the bugs, and because I lost contact with him, I removed it completely and used the standard Eamon Deluxe door handling routines and artifacts.

I am, of course, keeping a copy of the original version in the Eamon Deluxe archives; if anybody wishes to see it, let me know.

—Frank Black
February 11, 2005