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The SwordThrust Manual is a printed instruction booklet included with SwordThrust, a computer role-playing game created by Donald Brown and published by CE Software in 1981. The 26-page booklet is structured very similarly to Brown's earlier Eamon Player's Manual: it starts with an introduction to adventurers and their attributes, then describes how combat works, lists the magic spells the adventurer can use, and describes how to interact with game characters and use the Main Hall. It concludes with a list of legal commands and an appendix of reference tables.


Original edition

The original version of the SwordThrust Manual produced by CE in 1981 is a 26-page staple-bound booklet with a full-color cover featuring fantasy artwork. Some versions of the manual have a simpler yellow cover dominated by the adventure number.

Softsmith edition

In 1983, CE Software arranged for publisher Softsmith (a subsidiary of The Software Guild) to distribute SwordThrust and in August Softsmith began publishing the game with a revised 32-page edition of the manual. The most noticeable difference is an entirely new introduction written by Softsmith.


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